Support your patients while enabling social distancing and isolation during Covid-19

With the Qudini Queuing System and Online Appointment Scheduling Software.

Support your patients at home with:

  • Easy to access phone/video appointments

    Service patients at home by enabling them to schedule appointments or join a virtual queue to connect with an advisor by telephone or video call.

  • Effortless online event registrations

    Advise and support many patients at once by enabling them to discover and register for your upcoming online events and tutorials.

Ensure on-site social distancing with:

  • Enterprise appointment scheduling software

    Efficient in-person appointments

    Serve patients that must visit your practice in person quickly and efficiently with minimal time on-site by enabling them to schedule appointments online.

  • Streamlined queue management

    Reduce the number of patients within your practice by enabling them to join a digital queue and to receive updates about their turn.

  • Seamless visit time selection

    Control patient volumes and keep your most at-risk patients safe, by using our Online Scheduling Software to offer special allocated visit times that specific demographics can book.

  • Simple prescription collections

    Minimize time waiting to collect prescriptions by enabling patients to schedule their prescription collections and updating walk-ins when their prescription is ready to collect.

  • Task Management Software Retail

    Instant practice

    Easily coordinate essential activities across your practice by managing tasks and sending urgent messages, useful resources and motivational tips.

  • Speedy vaccination services

    Serve patients that visit in-person for vaccinations quickly and efficiently with minimal admin time, with online Appointment Scheduling and on-site Queue Management.

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