Provide seamless virtual service to your customers during Covid-19

With Qudini Appointment Scheduling Software and Virtual Queuing System.

Coronavirus means customers must stay home and ‘non-essential’ stores have had to close their doors.

With no clear end-point to the pandemic, brands need to find new ways to continue providing service to their customers.

How it works

Powering leading global brands

What they say

Set-up within half a day

  • Cloud-based and centralized.

  • Flexible and customizable.

  • Stand-alone, yet easy to integrate.

  • ISO27001 and GDPR compliant.

  • Deploys to thousands of stores remotely in less than a day.

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Increase your profitability and ensure lasting brand relevance with:

  • Superior customer
  • Advanced store
  • Game-changing
    data insights

Craft a more compelling omni-channel offering

To increase your profitability and drive lasting brand relevance, use Qudini to
power your retail offering with:

  • Superior customer experience

  • Advanced operations

  • Game changing data insights

Why global brands choose the Qudini platform:

  • Cloud-based and centralized
  • Stand alone, yet easy to integrate
  • Flexible, adaptable and enitrely customizable
  • Ensures greater data protection and GDPR compliance
  • Seamless to implement
  • Robust and secure
  • Highly intelligent yet extremely intuitive to use
  • Deep and AI driven data
  • Compatible with all hardware devices
  • Innovative and always evolving

Retail is in a revolution

  • Experience

    Customers are more demanding, fickle and vocal than ever before

    This makes it harder to drive customers to your business and retain their loyalty.

  • Operations

    Store operations are more intensive and margins are tighter

    This means it’s essential to make the most out of your people and your space.

  • Data

    Brick-and-mortar data is disparate and hard to collect

    This prohibits intelligent decision-making on stock, resourcing, merchandising and marketing.

Use Qudini to manage and analyse
everything that is going on in your stores and drive:

  • Create superior
    customer experiences

    that enable you to drive footfall to stores and maximize sales opportunities, customer loyalty and advocacy.

  • Drive advanced
    store operations

    that enable you to minimize costs, improve compliance and maximize the productivity of store associates.

  • Capture game-
    changing data insights

    that enable you to increase profitability by making smarter commercial decisions through predicting the future.

Choreograph your retail future initiatives

Connecting customers to store associates and stock
  • Store meeter-greeters
  • Premium services
  • Speedy service and check-out
  • Never leave a customer unattended
  • Convenient click and collect
  • After-sales service
Improving store experience
  • Stores as showrooms
  • In-store leisure experiences
  • Workshops and classes
  • Community events
  • In-store spaces to dwell
  • Inclusivity and accessibility
  • Robots and intelligent stores
New omni-channel services
  • Contact centre phone/video services
  • Online classes
  • Field consultants
  • Home services
  • New store formats
  • Mobile stores
  • Online bots
Know your customers
  • Customer data insights
  • Knowledgeable advisors
  • Personalized promotions
    & communications
  • Pre-order stock
Improving store processes
  • Right time, right place operations
  • Improved HQ to store communications
  • Seamless compliance
  • Workplace of the future
  • Brick-and-mortar data improvements

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