IQOS uses appointment scheduling software to keep customers safe and engaged post-lockdown

Raj Sangha
by Raj Sangha

Heated tobacco retailer, IQOS, has created a customer journey that is both safe and engaging using Qudini’s appointment booking system and queue management system.

For those who aren’t in the know, IQOS provides a range of heated tobacco and vaping alternatives to smoking – and for those who’ve heard of the brand before, you’ll probably know them as one of the biggest game-changers in the vaping world.

IQOS, which is part of Philip Morris Group, has stores in 49 different countries, and in order to aid in the reopening of stores, the brand has launched a number of social distancing initiatives, including limiting the number of customers allowed in its stores, introducing floor markings that encouraging customers to stand 2m apart, making hand sanitiser and gloves readily available for store associates and customers, and ensuring all stores are regularly deep cleaned.

And another brilliant initiative the retailer has rolled out is offering customers the opportunity to book appointments for one-to-one service using Qudini’s appointment scheduling software.

Customers are kept updated and informed with Qudini’s appointment scheduling software.

How IQOS’s appointment booking customer journey works

IQOS customers can search by store for available appointment time-slots.

How IQOS’s virtual queuing customer journey works

As IQOS are limiting the number of customers allowed in-store at once, walk-in customers may have to wait to enter stores. To stop consumers from having to queue outside stores, some IQOS stores are using Qudini’s virtual queuing system.

How this benefits IQOS customers

With Qudini’s appointment booking system and virtual queuing system on the shop floor, IQOS is creating a service that is:

As well as creating a great customer experience, there are also a number of other perks IQOS benefit from, such as:


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