Customer Experience Software for Visitor Attractions

Create premium guest experiences that drive business profitability

Offering a fantastic customer experience is essential to ensuring that your visitor attraction attracts footfall, increases sales and builds long-lasting customer relationships.

The Qudini Customer Experience Software enables visitor attractions to manage customers, resources and staff in order to improve sales, loyalty and efficiency. In doing so, we enable you to drive greater business profitability

Helping you to...

  • Increase sales
  • Grow customer loyalty
  • Improve operations
  • Enhance profitability

Enable customers to pre-book their visit

Drive footfall to your tourist attraction. Use the Qudini online booking system to manage capacity and enable customers to purchase tickets and pre-book their visit time online or over the phone. Communicate with visitors in advance with automated messages. Easily manage bookings from any desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Manage the queue when at capacity

When your attractions are at capacity and waits are more than 10 minutes. Use Qudini Queue Management to create a pain-free waiting experience that enables customers to use their time productively. Simply add customers to a digital queue from a single smartphone, tablet or desktop and send them TV, SMS or smartphone updates as their turn arises.

Improve the ticket desk experience

Grow customer loyalty and increase sales with a seamless ticket purchase and collection experience. Use Qudini Queue Management in peak periods to manage the queue of customers waiting to purchase a ticket.

Use Qudini Click and collect check-in to enable customers coming to collect tickets to check-in via a staff member, their phone or self-service kiosk. This enables staff to swiftly locate a customer’s order and bring it to them. With options to update verbally or by SMS or TV displays when tickets are ready to collect.

Improve the information desk experience and team productivity

In quiet periods, enable your customer service desk staff to undertake other tasks whilst still supporting customer needs. Fix a Qudini Request Assistance kiosk to your customer service desk, and enable customers to click a button to let staff know when they are at the counter requiring assistance.

In peak periods, use Qudini Queuing System to manage customers waiting for customer service support and advice.

Enable customers to register for your tours, events, workshops and talks

Increase bookings for your tours, events, workshops and talks. Use Qudini’s Event Management Software to plan and create events that customers can easily browse online, book and share on social media. The Qudini event features enable you to drive footfall and ensure an efficient operation and premium customer experience.

Improve access to your mobility services

Comply with standards of the DDA and drive customer loyalty by improving accessibility to your mobility services and providing a more premium service to your disabled customers. Use Qudini Appointment Booking Software to enable customers to pre-book mobility services online, in-store and over the phone. In peak periods, build a waitlist of customers waiting to use disability services with Qudini Queue Management.

Allow visitors to request assistance from anywhere

Ensure that no visitor is left unattended when they need help. Use Qudini Request Assistance Software to enable your customers to use kiosk devices and mobile technology to request advisor assistance from anywhere. This will alert a staff member’s portable device of the customer’s location. The customer can receive updates about the staff member’s status via kiosk devices, SMS and TV displays.

Serve more customers within your restaurant

Seat more customers within your restaurant and improve customer service. Use Qudini Restaurant Waitlist App to enable people to reserve a table in advance and to add walk-ins requiring the next available table to a digital waitlist, where you can update them by text message when a table becomes available.

Improve your creche area experience

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers using your temporary child care services. Use Qudini Order Management to manage a list of customers whose children are within your care in order to automatically and manually provide customers with updates and when the time arises to collect their child.

In addition, use Qudini Queue Management in peak periods when your care services are at capacity by building a waitlist of customers waiting to use your service and updating them when space becomes available. Enable your customers to continue shopping whilst they wait.

Increase venue and space hire bookings

Increase venue hire bookings. Use Qudini Online Booking System to manage your venue’s availability and to enable event planners to view availability and make a booking to hire your venue space online or over the phone.

Improve cloakroom or luggage storage operations

Improve operations and the customer collection experience. Use Qudini Queue management to enable customers returning to collect their items to type their ticket number into a kiosk or a staff member tablet. Cloakroom staff have access to a tablet or smartphone showing the checked-in ticket numbers. This enables them to swiftly locate multiple customers’ orders and bring them to the counter, calling customers forward verbally or by SMS or TV displays.


  • $42k

    Increase in monthly gift shop sales for LA County Museum of Art

  • 92%

    Reduction in queue times for LA County Museum of Art

“It’s introduced a tremendous change and it’s a great revolution on how an exhibition can be experienced. Qudini is part of the exhibition. It’s equally as important as the exhibition itself.”

Technology Representative, LA County Museum of Art



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