Visitor Management and Lead Capture Tools for Tradeshow Exhibitors

Create a fantastic visitor experience that drives footfall to your stand and capture leads

When sponsoring or running a stand at an exhibition or trade show, ensuring a fantastic visitor experience and efficient stand operation is essential for driving footfall to your stand, speaking to more people, and capturing more leads.

The Qudini Customer Experience Software enables businesses to drive on-stand footfall, connect with customers, provide a great experience and to capture lead data. In doing so, we help you to gain the most out of your event, and to build relationships that ultimately will lead to sales.

Helping you to...

  • Drive footfall to your stand/sponsored activities
  • Build relationships with visitors
  • Capture more leads
  • Make sales

Use Qudini on your tradeshow booth

and capture leads approaching your stand or sponsored amenity

Capture leads and offer a premium customer greeting experience. Use Qudini Sign-in Software to greet customers approaching your stand by asking them to register their name, mobile number and email address with a staff member or from a self-service kiosk.

  • Your main event
  • Activities and workshops

Drive footfall to your stand with pre-booked appointments

Drive footfall to your stand and speak to more leads at the event. Use Qudini Appointment Booking Software to enable your customers and prospects to easily pre-book an appointment for service, via a branded online interface or over the phone.

Speak to and convert more walk-up leads

In peak periods, when your advisors and services are busy, retain and convert walk-up customers hoping to speak to someone, receive service or use an amenity. Use Qudini Queue Management System to add customers to a digital queue via a host or self-service kiosk. Manage your customers, communicate with them whilst they wait, and assign them to the best advisor for their needs.

Allow visitors to request assistance and service

Interact with more customers, ensure that no visitor is left unattended and capture lead data. Use Qudini Request Assistance Software to enable customers to use kiosk devices and mobile technology to request advisor assistance from anywhere. This will alert your staff members’ portable device of the customer’s location. The visitor can receive updates about the staff member’s status via kiosk devices, SMS and TV displays.

Capture leads by entering customers into Competition Prize Draws

Engage with your event visitors and capture their lead data. Use Qudini Customer Updates Software to enable customers to enter their name, email and phone number into a kiosk, mobile interface or via a staff member. Communicate with your competition registrants to update them and inform the winners. Access a data export of the leads captured during the event.

Use Qudini for your brand sponsored activities

Take Registrations for sponsored talks, workshops, keynotes and events

Drive footfall to your sponsored workshops, talks, networking events and demonstrations, and capture leads in the process. Use Qudini’s Event Management Software to plan and create events that prospects can easily browse online, book and share on social media. The Qudini event features enable you to drive footfall and ensure an efficient operation and premium customer experience.

Improve the experience and capture leads at your sponsored restaurant or lounge area

Improve the experience at show areas sponsored by you, such as restaurants and lounges. Use Qudini Restaurant Waitlist App to enable customers to reserve a table in advance, and to add walk-in customers requiring the next available table to a digital waitlist, where you can update them by text message when a table becomes available.


  • 150

    Additional qualified leads captured in a single day

  • 10%

    Conversion increase for travel agency

“Qudini enabled us to drive leads to our stand with appointment bookings and manage people waiting to use our VR experience. In the process we captured more leads to follow-up with after the event.”

Trade stand exhibitor, RBTE



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