Booking Software for Schools and Colleges

Create a premium student and parent experience that enhances your operation

Students rely on your school and college services to access the support and education that they need. So making services seamless to access and use is essential to improving the student experience.

The Qudini Booking Software enables education providers to manage students, staff and operations to improve the patient experience, save time and reduce costs.

Use Qudini to improve the experience across your:

Helping you to...

  • Improve service accessibility
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Better allocate resources

Improve student accessibility to personal tutors and student support services with appointment bookings

Improve accessibility to your student support services, from educational support to student counselling. Use Qudini’s Appointment Booking system to enable tutors to manage their availability and appointments with individual pupils. Easily set-up a private online appointment booking interface. Link to this from your website and student portal to enable students to view your availability and make appointments online.

  • Student Hub
  • Administration services
  • Enrollment

Increase attendance to school fixtures, events and extracurricular activities with online event bookings

Increase student and parent engagement with your school’s fixtures, plays, events and activities. Use Qudini Event Management Software to schedule school events and provide parents and students with a private and secure online interface where they’ll be able to find and book onto events. Attendees receive a calendar link and will receive reminder messages in advance.

For Students: Qudini increases attendance to your extracurricular activities and classes and enables staff to seamlessly manage the registration of students from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

For Parents: Qudini helps your parent community to engage with and schedule sports matches, school plays, concerts and other events throughout the year.

Improve your parent-teacher conferences

Improve your parent-teacher conference operation and ensure that parents get to speak to all the teachers they wish to. Use Qudini Event Management Software to schedule upcoming parent-teacher conferences. In addition, use Qudini Appointment Booking Software to send parents an online appointment booking interface, in advance of the conference, to enable them to see the availability of teachers and schedule a time to see them.

Improve waiting experiences with queue management

Whether for your school events or daily activities, the Qudini Queuing System will enable your students to queue digitally and receive updates as their turn arises by SMS, TV displays and other methods.

Use Qudini in your head office to improve employee experience and company culture

Learn how you can use Qudini within your head office to:

•  Improve your tech support service
•  Increase engagement with company training, education and cultural events


  • 100%

    Reduction in patient complaints for Burrell Street Sexual Health Clinic

  • 17%

    Increase in clinic efficiency for Virgin Health Care clinic

“The Qudini system is really straight forward, and if I’m honest it’s probably one of the easiest systems that I train our clinicians in how to use.”

Ben, Reception Team, Burrell Street Clinic



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