Customer Experience Software for Retail Banks and Building Societies

Create premium customer experiences that drive business profitability

Qudini’s suite of cloud-based software solutions helps banks and building societies to improve the in-branch experience as they consolidate their branch network. We enable a premium customer experience and service that ensures maximum conversion and drives long-lasting loyalty to financial services institutions.

Helping you to...

  • Increase sales and conversion
  • Grow customer loyalty
  • Save time and improve operations
  • Enhance profitability

Drive footfall to your in-branch services

Drive footfall to your in-branch services and convert more customers to your bank branch. Use Qudini Appointment Booking Software to enable customers to easily pre-book an appointment through an advisor, online or over the phone.

Triage your customer’s needs in advance. Direct them to the most suitable advisor and help advisor’s deliver best in-class service by preparing them with relevant information.

Use it for:

  • Personal Bankers
  • Business Bankers
  • Mortgage advisors
  • Loan brokers
  • Insurance services
  • Community bankers
  • Mobile bank branches

Eliminate branch queues and reduce customer frustration

As financial services institutions increasingly consolidate branch networks, pressure mounts on remaining branches handling greater customer volumes. Use Qudini Queue Management System to improve the waiting experience and reduce customer anxiety. Enable customers to join a digital queue (via a host, kiosk or their smartphone), manage and communicate with them whilst they wait, and assign them to the best advisor for their needs.

Use it for:

  • Counter Services
  • Personal bankers
  • Premium services

Enable customers to check service availability as they pass your branch

Customers passing your branch may be in need of a particular service. Use Qudini to drive footfall and to maximise team productivity. Enable customers to access a kiosk device or smartphone interface where they can see service availability for that branch and request the next available service slot that day. If there’s no availability, easily encourage customers to book an appointment.

Use it for:

  • Personal bankers
  • Business Services
  • Mortgage advisors

Improve access to your video banking and telephony services

As banks increasingly leverage new channels for their customers to communicate with experts, marketing these services and seamlessly migrating customers to them is essential. Use Qudini Appointment Software to enable online customers to seamlessly book an appointment and start speaking to a video banker at a time that suits them. Qudini enables you to market your multi-channel offering in order to drive footfall and seamlessly migrate customers.

Qudini Queue Management can be used to improve your contact centre call-in experience by enabling customers to access a web interface where they can enter their details to join a digital queue for a call back. This negates the need for customers to remain on-hold for long periods of time until they are routed to the next available advisor.

Increase loyalty to your travel money services

Increase loyalty to your currency exchange services. Use Qudini Queue Management to manage waiting customers in peak periods. Use Qudini Click and Collect management to enable those who have ordered and pre-paid online to easily check-in so that staff can prepare orders and provide it to your waiting customer, at speed.

For an even more premium experience, enable your customers to pre-book their collection time.

Enable customers to request assistance from anywhere on your branch floor or self-service devices

Never leave a customer unattended whilst better migrating your customers to your self-service offerings, without leaving them unsupported. Use Qudini Request Assistance Software to enable customers to call for staff help at the click of a button via an interactive self-service device or a fixed kiosk nearby. This will alert your staff members’ portable device of the customer’s location. The customer can receive updates about the staff member’s status via the kiosk device, SMS or TV display.

Choreograph your branch by managing your team and tasks

Improve team productivity and communication. Use Qudini Task Management Software to manage staff shifts, roles, and to seamlessly create, plan, assign and manage tasks across your branch floor.

Comply with regulatory compliance measures

Fulfil your regulatory compliance requirements. Use Qudini’s capabilities to record service transactions observed by a manager, to evidence that regulations are being met, and to record the results of team member performance.

Increase attendance to your educational events and workshops

Attract customers and grow customer loyalty by increasing attendance to your in-branch and business bankers workshops, talks, events and demonstrations. Use Qudini’s Event Management Software to plan and create events that consumers or business customers can easily browse online, book and share on social media. The Qudini event features enable you to drive footfall and ensure an efficient operation and premium customer experience.

Use it for:

  • B2B engagement and education
  • Consumer engagement and education

Improve access to your roaming bank branch and community banking services

Retail banks are finding ways to meet the needs of customers in smaller villages and towns without branch presence, by providing services such as roaming community bankers and portable bank branch vehicles. Qudini Appointment Booking Software enables customers to see service times and locations and receive a premium service experience. Whilst Qudini Queue Management enables you to manage walk-up customers to your mobile branch and improve their waiting experience.

Improve your lounge and business hub services

Retail banks are increasingly providing value-added services to customers and businesses by enabling them to utilise their branch spaces as a lounge or business hot-desk. Use Qudini to better know your visitors and to improve their service.

  • Use Qudini Sign-in App to enable visitors to register – capturing data and improving the experience in the process. Send customers a welcome SMS or email with useful information to support their visit.
  • Use Qudini Waitlist App when at capacity to build a waitlist of customers. Send them a message when a place becomes available or enable customers to reserve a seat in advance.

Improve access to your mobility services

Comply with standards of the DDA and drive customer loyalty by improving accessibility to your mobility services and providing a more premium service to your disabled customers. Use Qudini Appointment Booking Software to enable customers to pre-book mobility services online, in-store and over the phone. In peak periods, build a waitlist of customers waiting to use disability services with Qudini Queue Management.

Use Qudini in your head office to improve employee experience and company culture

Learn how you can use Qudini within your head office to:

•  Improve your tech support service
•  Increase engagement with company training, education and cultural events


  • 40%

    Improvement in client satisfaction

  • 10%

    Conversion increase for travel agency

“Conversion has increased since we added Qudini appointments. Loyalty has improved too.”

Store Leader, Thomas Cook



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