Customer Experience Software for Pop-up Shops

Provide premium customer experiences that drive pop-up profitability and long-lasting customer relationships

Ensuring that your pop-up shop offers a memorable customer experience and service from the get-go is essential for driving sales and building long-lasting customer relationships.

The Qudini Customer Experience Software enables retailers to provide premium customer experiences that improve sales, loyalty and efficiency. Helping you to ensure maximum profitability for your pop-up shop.

Helping you to...

  • Increase sales
  • Grow customer loyalty
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Enhance profitability

Drive footfall and deliver unforgettable service with Appointment Bookings

Drive footfall to your pop-up shop and deliver unforgettable service. Use Qudini Appointment Booking Software to enable your customers to easily schedule an appointment with an advisor in-store, online or over the phone. Qudini helps your pop-up staff to better know the customers visiting your store, in order to offer a more tailored service that converts customers and drives long-lasting loyalty.

Retain and convert walk-ins with walk-in management

Retain and convert more walk-in customers, and capture vital customer data, by providing a premium greeting and waiting experience. Use Qudini Queuing System in peak periods to build a digital queue of walk-in customers to manage and communicate with them as they wait for staff service.

Increase attendance to your memorable events

Use your pop-up shop to host memorable events that improve customer product knowledge, as well as creating strong relationships with your brand. Use Qudini’s Event Management Software to plan and create events that your customers can easily browse online, book and share on social media. The Qudini event features help to drive footfall to your events and ensure an efficient operation and premium customer experience.

Request Assistance from anywhere in store

Ensure that all customers entering your pop-up shop are able to receive the attention they need without significant staff resources. Use Qudini Request Assistance Software to enable your customers to use kiosk devices and mobile technology to request staff assistance from anywhere in your store. Staff members’ portable device will alert them of the customer’s location, and the customer can receive updates about the staff member’s status via kiosk devices, SMS and TV displays.

Improve customer service within your fitting rooms

Fashion retailers can convert more customers by providing an improved fitting room service, without increasing resources. Use Qudini Request Assistance to place tablet devices in your fitting rooms and to enable your customers to click a button to call a staff member for help. Your staff will be alerted on desktop and portable devices and customers will receive confirmation of their request.

In peak periods, retain footfall by using Qudini Queuing System to manage a waitlist of customers intending to use the fitting room, allowing them to relax or browse until called for their turn.

Improve Click and Collect customer loyalty and browsing

Create a seamless in-store click and collect customer experience that enables staff to work on other tasks in quiet hours and eliminates queues to ensure maximum customer browsing during peak periods. Use Qudini In-store Click and Collect System to enable your customers to check-in to alert your staff members when they arrive in store to collect their order. This enables staff to swiftly locate a customer’s order and bring it to them. There’s also options to update customers by SMS or TV displays when orders are ready to collect.

Communicate with customers whilst you manage their orders

If your pop-up shop offers services to personalise, set-up or repair products that customers leave with you. Qudini Order Management will allow you to improve conversion and customer loyalty with personalised communications to your customers whilst they wait. Use Qudini to enable staff to see and manage tasks to undertake. Qudini will update your customers as their order progresses and when it is ready to collect.

Fulfil customer stock requirements with personalised updates

Increase sales by fulfilling your customer’s product requirements, even when you are out of stock. Use Qudini Stock Management to add customers to a stock waitlist and update them by SMS and email when stock becomes available. Enable customers to reply to reserve stock or even to pre-book their collection slot and premium service when they collect.

Manage colleagues and tasks across your shop floor

Improve team productivity and communication, by using Qudini Task Management Software to seamlessly create, plan, assign and manage tasks across your shop floor.

Use Qudini in your head office to improve employee experience and company culture

Learn how you can use Qudini within your head office to:

•  Improve your tech support service
•  Increase engagement with company training, education and cultural events


  • 62%

    Reduction of walkouts for telco store

  • 10%

    Conversion increase for travel agency

“Conversion has increased since we added Qudini appointments. Loyalty has improved too.”

Store Leader, Thomas Cook



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