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Create premium guest experiences that drives business profitability

Fantastic customer experiences are essential to ensuring that your hospitality business attracts footfall, increases sales, builds customer loyalty and stands out against your competitors. With almost 80%  of brands seeing customer experience as a vital competitive differentiator, and reports showing a direct correlation between customer experience leaders and increased market share, fantastic experience is more essential than ever.

The Qudini Customer Experience Software enables hospitality organisations to manage their customers and resources in order to improve sales, loyalty and efficiency. In doing so, we enable you to drive greater business profitability.

This page explains how you can use Qudini to improve experience within your:

Helping you to...

  • Increase sales and conversion
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Save time and improve operations
  • Grow your business

Improve the experience for guests who check-in too early

Offer a seamless customer experience when your hotel guests check-in before their room is ready. Qudini Customer Communication enables you to create a list of guests waiting for their rooms to become available, letting them know by SMS at the click of a button when they can go to their room. Guests can relax and explore the area whilst they wait.

Manage the check-in and check-out experience in peak periods

Improve the customer experience and loyalty by improving your check-in desk experience in peak periods. Use Qudini Queue Management to manage the queue and reduce guest frustration.

For a premium experience, a host with a tablet will be able to take guests details, add them to a digital queue, and let them know when it is their turn to approach the desk.

For extremely high-footfall check-in zones, use self-service technology to enable customers to join a digital queue and be called forward by a staff member, SMS or digital TV displays when their turn arises.

Seamlessly communicate with guests during their stay

Build long-lasting relationships with your guests during their stay. Use Qudini Customer Communication Software to easily communicate with guests and provide information messages to update them on latest activities, events and opportunities. When your guests check-in, provide them with the opportunity to register for SMS or email updates and use Qudini to quickly send messages to individual or multiple guests at once.

Serve more customers within your restaurant and bars

Seat more customers within your restaurants and improve customer service. Use Qudini Restaurant Waitlist App to enable customers to reserve a table in advance and to add walk-in customers requiring the next available table to a digital waitlist, where you can update them by text message when a table becomes available.

Drive traffic to your resort activities and private services

Increase bookings for the private activities and services within your resort. Use Qudini Appointment Bookings to enable customers to find activities and to book a slot. Communicate with guests in advance by automated reminder messages and calendar links to ensure maximise attendance.

Use for:

  • Spa and treatment centre
  • Water Sports
  • Private tours
  • Private lessons
  • Scuba diving sessions
  • Space and equipment hire
  • Nursery services
  • Car hire
  • Concierge services
  • Mobility services

Increase attendance to your in-resort events and group activities

Enhance customer advocacy and brand loyalty by increasing attendance to your resort events, tours and group activities. Use Qudini’s Event Management Software to plan and create events and activities that customers can easily browse online, book and share on social media. The Qudini event features enable you to drive footfall and ensure an efficient operation and premium customer experience.

Use for:

  • Classes and talks
  • Events and parties
  • Shows and entertainment
  • Group tours & excursions
  • Leisure partner activities and events

Improve the tourist office and concierge desk operation

In quiet periods, enable your customer service desk staff to undertake other tasks whilst still supporting customer needs. Fix a Qudini Request Assistance kiosk to your customer service desk, and enable customers to click a button to let your staff know when they are at the counter requiring assistance.

In peak periods, use Qudini Queuing System to manage customers waiting for customer service support and advice.

Enable guests to request assistance from anywhere within your hotel

Never leave a guest unattended. Use Qudini Request Assistance Software to enable guests to use kiosk devices and mobile technology to request rep or waiting assistance from anywhere within your resort or cruise line. This will alert your staff members’ portable device of the customer’s location and provide your guest with updates on the status of their request.

Improve your creche area experience

Build long-lasting relationships with customers using your temporary child care services. Use Qudini Order Management to manage a list of customers whose children are within your care in order to automatically and manually update customers.In addition, use Qudini Appointment Booking Software to enable customers to pre-book their crèche slot. Use Qudini Queue Management in peak periods when your care services are at capacity to build a waitlist of customers and update them when space become available.


  • 120

    Additional customers seated at the Diner Restaurants each night

  • 10%

    Conversion increase for travel agency

Reduction in queue times for LA County Museum of Art

Store Leader, Thomas Cook



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