Employee Experience Software for Head Office

Create premium employee experiences that drives productivity and cultural engagement

Caring for your employees and creating a strong company culture is essential for employee retention. It has become an essential part of the modern workplace.

Qudini’s Customer Experience Software enables head offices to improve company culture, education and services in a way that creates a better employee experience and improves productivity. In doing so, we enable you to drive greater business profitability.

Helping you to...

  • Improve company culture
  • Increase employee retention
  • Enhance productivity
  • Capture useful operational data

Increase attendance to company events

Drive traffic to your internal company events created to educate, train and motivate staff. Use Qudini’s Event Management Software to plan and create events and provide employees with an online event booking interface where they can easily browse, book and share events with their colleagues. Qudini will send automated reminders and calendar links, while the event hosts can manage attendees from any desktop tablet or smartphone device.

Use it for:

  • Training sessions
  • Talks and speakers
  • Cultural activities
  • Events and parties
  • Device hand-outs

Improve your tech bar service

Save employees time when using your head office tech support ‘genius bar’ services.

  • Accept Appointments: Use Qudini Appointment Booking Software to enable employees to pre-book their support appointment online, on-site or over the phone.
  • Manage walk-ins: Ensure that staff without an appointment can access a service and remain productive whilst they wait. Use the Qudini Queuing System to add employees to a digital queue online from their own devices, through a staff member or via a self-service kiosk. Update them as their turn arises, through on-screen prompts, SMS and TV displays.
  • Manage repairs & installations: Aid productivity for employees leaving their devices with your tech team for set-up or repair. Use Qudini Order Management to enable your support team to manage workflow. Qudini will automatically update employees by SMS or email, as their device service progresses and when it is ready to collect.

Improve employee services

If your head office offers other services to your employee, use Qudini to improve their service experience and productivity. Use Qudini Appointment Booking Software to enable employees to pre-book appointments and Qudini Queuing System to manage walk-ins requiring services.

Use it for your on-site:

  • Health Services
  • One-to-one training
  • Holiday support
  • Phone store

Enable seamless bookings of meeting rooms and resources

Manage meeting room availability and enable employees to access an online interface to seamlessly find and booking meeting rooms and other resources within your head office.

Comply with visitor registration security standards

Easily comply with your company visitor registration standards. Use Qudini Sign-in Software to enable visitors to seamlessly sign-in via self-service kiosk devices or a staff member. Send useful information to visitors by SMS or email in order to personalise their visit. Access and export a comprehensive digital visitor log, alongside other data on your visitor registration operations online and via an Excel download.


  • 30

    minutes of staff time from waiting on-site saved per support request

  • 40%

    Improvement in employee satisfaction

“It was really easy to get Qudini set up and configured for us, with very little work our side, so it was a simple implementation for us!”

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