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Fantastic customer experiences are essential to ensuring that your hospitality business attracts footfall, increases sales, builds customer loyalty and stands out against your competitors. With almost 80% of brands seeing customer experience as a vital competitive differentiator and reports showing a direct correlation between customer experience leaders and increased market share, fantastic experience is more essential than ever.

The Qudini Customer Experience Software enables hospitality organisations to manage their customers and resources in order to improve sales, loyalty and efficiency. In doing so, we enable you to drive greater business profitability.

This page explains how you can use Qudini to improve the experience within your:

Helping you to...

  • Increase sales and conversion
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Save time and improve operations
  • Grow your business

Sell tickets to big events

Drive traffic to your bar or nightclub, DJ nights or concerts, and sell more tickets. Use Qudini’s Event Management Software to plan and create events that customers can easily browse online, book and share on social media.

Manage guests waiting for a seat or a table

Improve the guest experience and seat more customers. Use the Qudini Waitlist App when your venue is at full capacity to add walk-in guests to a digital queue, where you can text them as soon as a table becomes available. Enable guests to track their waitlist position from their mobile phone and to send you text messages if they decide to cancel or have questions.

Accept table reservations for your bar, lounges and VIP areas

Drive footfall to your premium areas. The Qudini Restaurant Waitlist app enables your bar or nightclub to accept table bookings for your bar seats, lounges and VIP areas. Customers will receive branded confirmation, reminder SMS and email content, and can even reply to your messages to let you know if they need to make any changes or cancel, eliminating no-shows from your bar or nightclub and offering a premium guest experience.

Enable your VIP table guests to request assistance from their table

Offer a premium VIP guest experience and sell more drinks. Use Qudini Request Assistance Software to enable your guests to use tablets and mobile technology to request service at any time. This will alert your staff members’ portable device of the customer’s location and provide your guests with updates on the status of their request.

Manage guests entering your nightclub and improve neighbour relationships

Improve relationships with your neighbours by managing the queue outside your bar or club.

During periods of maximum capacity. Use Qudini Queue Management to enable your door team to build a waitlist of customers waiting to enter. This enables customers to relax whilst they wait in a dispersed queue or within a nearby pub or bar. Simply click a button to call guests back by text message as soon as capacity becomes available.

Throughout the night: Reduce entry queues and ensure a peaceful neighbourhood by using Qudini Queue Management to enable your guests to join the queue from their mobile phone. Send customers wait-time estimates and communicate with them as their turn arises to enter.

Enable guests to request their favourite song

Improve the guest experience and capture customer data with the modern Jukebox experience. Use Qudini Request Assistance to enable your guests to request a song from their own smartphone or via a tablet located by the DJ booth. Guests can access an online interface or text an SMS code to request a song. Your DJ will be able to see the queue of requests from a smartphone or tablet, where they can choose which songs to play next.

Integrate Qudini with your Twitter account and enable customers to tweet their song requests, boosting your social media presence in the process.

Get interactive by enabling customers to see others song requests made from digital TVs and tablet devices in your club.

Reduces cloakroom queues

Reduce queues for your cloakroom and ensure a calm exit experience at the end of the night. Use Qudini Queue Management to enable customers to provide their cloakroom ticket number into a kiosk or a staff member tablet. Cloakroom staff will have access to a tablet or smartphone showing the checked-in ticket numbers. This enables them to swiftly locate your customer’s belongings and have them ready.


  • X2

    Speed of collecting customer items doubled for House of Fraser Click and Collect

  • 10%

    Conversion increase for travel agency

Reduction in queue times for LA County Museum of Art

Store Leader, Thomas Cook



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