How virtual queuing software and appointment booking software could help to reopen the UK economy

Dylan Brown
by Dylan Brown

Safety may be at the top of everyone’s agenda right now, but as the UK slowly continues to ease its way out of lockdown, many are focused on getting back to business as usual.

During the lockdown, and even in the weeks leading up to it, the vast majority of consumers have made drastic changes to their shopping behaviours, from avoiding stores and reducing visits, through to embracing new technology to help meet their immediate needs.

To find out how consumers have changed their behaviour, Qudini recently surveyed 2,000+ British consumers during Covid-19 and discovered:

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These insights indicate that, in the Coronavirus era:

How queue management software and appointment scheduling software ensures customer safety and helps stores stay open

Appointment scheduling software and a queue management system are very effective at ensuring social distancing and managing customer footfall. Essentially, they help limit the number of customers in store and enable them to schedule visit times or join a virtual queue and wait outside while staying updated by SMS and a smartphone webpage.

This same software also enables retailers to offer a contactless click and collect experience by enabling your customers to check-in when they reach the store so that the store team can bring orders to them at the store entrance or curbside. Customers can stay updated by SMS and smartphone if there is a wait.

Instead of building brand relationships in-store, retailers should be seeking to build relationships with customers through online one-to-one appointments or through engaging, informative and relevant online events. Appointment scheduling software enables customers to easily book virtual one-to-one services that take place by phone or video and enables them to take part in online events and tutorials.

What keeping stores open this way would mean to the UK economy

How Qudini is helping brands to safely reopen their stores and to stay open for business

We’re helping retail brands to reopen their stores in a number of ways, including:

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