Blog: How to increase appointment traffic with dedicated landing pages

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

Qudini clients with dedicated appointment landing pages on their website are doubling their appointment traffic.


Landing pages highlight your appointment scheduling offering to site visitors.

SEO-optimized landing pages such as “book a personalised styling session with {brand-name}” enhance Google visibility.

Searches of brand name and relevant phrases such as “schedule an appointment” or “visit store” direct customers to a dedicated booking page.

(You can also download this information in a visual pack here: Guide: How to increase appointment traffic with dedicated landing pages)


How to create your dedicated appointment landing page

1.Your Qudini implementation manager will provide you with an Appointment Booking interface URL enabling your customers to search for stores and schedule appointments with your brand.
2.Using our API portal documentation for guidance, your web team can easily embed the URL into a dedicated webpage on www.{your-brand}.com.

3.SEO-optimize the page by adding brief written content, including your brand name, an explanation for scheduling appointments within your stores and phrases such as:


Create multiple versions

You can even duplicate your landing page to create multiple versions with different SEO-optimized text content to further increase appointment traffic.


You appointment scheduling landing page should include some brief writing to describe your service offering incorporating some of these key SEO phrases that your customers might use to search for your offering.


Your appointment scheduling landing page should also use relevant meta-data to ensure it appears in google search results.

The landing page should be hosted on your main domain URL and should include a relevant page title and meta-description to explain the service to customers while using relevant SEO optimized phrases that are also included within the content of your website.

Once your landing page is set-up, link the page to all your online and offline ads and social media posts promoting your appointment booking offering.

Help search engine bots recognize this page by linking it within your own website everytime you reference your appointment scheduling offer.


Consider mentioning your appointment booking service across your website in the following ways…

Entry pop-ups, page banners and buttons in key locations


Your page footer and site map

Tool Tip: Referencing your appointment booking offering within your website footer /  ‘site map’ will help the search engine robots recognize it as a part of your website.



Advanced ideas for promoting appointments across your website

Your store finder tool

The Qudini standard appointment booking interface generates a unique appointment scheduling URL for each of your stores. This can be linked to within your store locator page.

Individual Store pages

You can link to or embed each store’s individual appointment scheduling page within their store profile page.


Product and service pages

Use appointment scheduling as your secondary call to action (after your primary “add to basket” call to action) across your website. This will help you convert customers who are interested in your products but want to learn more first.

Link to your appointment landing page across social media pages, internet listings, branded content and physical stores.

Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click

Create Google ads to improve search engine recognition and further boost traffic to your appointment scheduling landing page.



Some clients doubled appointment traffic by placing a “Book now” button at top of their brand or individual store’s Facebook pages. You can also use the link in Facebook ads.



Customer support responses

Enable your customer support teams to respond to customer queries with links that help customers book appointments.

Google profile pages

Place a link to your appointment booking landing page on your Google business page and store pages.

In-store point of sale

Advertise you higher levels of customer service to customers already in-store.

Use QR codes to drive instant appointment booking traffic.

See our best practice guide for creating the perfect store signage that drives traffic.

Business cards



Point of sale lollipop signs


Desk posters


Window easels and posters


Store closed signs


Desk banners


Digital signage


Read our blog sharing survey insights on customers want to be able to schedule appointments within retail and banks and understand why making your appointment scheduling offering easily searchable and highly prevalent is so important.



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