3 retailers pioneering the future of customer experience

Dylan Brown
by Dylan Brown

On Sunday, 15 September, Qudini appeared in a special Sky TV feature that highlighted how Qudini are supporting high street retailers Samsung, O2 and Specsavers with their ‘store of the future’ concepts.

In the segment, Digital Transformation: Digital Experience, which aired on Channel 191, we heard insights into how retail footfall is changing and why retailers are focusing more on delivering engaging in-store experiences. We also heard how Qudini’s digital queuing system, appointment booking software and event booking software is helping high street retailers to adapt to a rapidly changing retail environment.

Watch the seven-minute video or read some of the key points summarised below:

Experience is everything to Samsung

South Korean technology giant, Samsung, has had a physical presence in Europe since 2014, but more recently Samsung has been focused on providing an enhanced experience for its customers.

Samsung’s CX Lead, Paolo Lupi, said:

“When customers come into store, there is a greater opportunity for us to retain those customers. Without having a way to effectively manage a given queue, there’d be many, many more walkouts.”

“It comes down to the simple fact that if you are not giving the customer information upfront as to how long they are expected to wait, why would they stand there in a queue that doesn’t seem to be reducing?”

Paolo then explained the customer experience after having deployed Qudini’s range of software: “Qudini for the Samsung business allows us to manage queues in-store, to create booking appointments for after-sales and care, and to book appointments using the same technology on a smart class or events basis. All three things combined gives us the smooth journey that we now have in store.”

Read the full Samsung case study here.

Specsavers create a more pleasant experience for its customers

While Specsavers is one of the leading optical retailers in the UK, the brand is becoming increasingly popular for its range of clinical services.

As a result of the increasingly complex in-store retail and clinical journeys taking place across its stores, Specsaver has invested in an improved customer experience.

Specsavers Franchise Partner Director, Josie Forte, says:

“Qudini has enabled us to have a much more pleasant customer experience in-store, and we can definitely see that we’ve had a percentage growth in terms of revenue.” 

“People are able to come in and complete their sight tests, and the customer journey is quicker, which actually means that they’re more likely to stay with us and buy glasses.”

Read the full case study here.

O2’s bid to become the best tech gurus

Well-known telecommunications provider, O2, had a mission to create a different kind of store that would excite and inspire people about the possibilities of technology and connectivity with support from their in-house tech specialists, O2 Gurus.

Head of Multi-Channel Operations at O2, Alistair Stewart, says: 

“With Qudini we can better manage customer numbers visiting our stores during busy periods, providing an improved customer experience which helps reduce store walkouts.  We also use our insight and knowledge of customer behaviour to enhance our service and the development of our overall store environment.”

Qudini’s CEO and Co-founder, Imogen Wethered, also provided a wider overview of the retail revolution that’s currently taking place in the industry and the growing need for retailers to adapt to the changing behaviours of modern consumers.

Qudini have a range of innovative software that’s designed to support high street retailers, such as digital queuing systems, appointment scheduling software and event management software. 

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