How managing queues gave a large UK optical retailer a 33% spike in average transaction value

Published on June 20th 2019
By Katherine Torrence

A leading opticians implemented the Qudini Queue Management System to improve customer experience for sales, services and glasses collections. In the process they saw fantastic results:

Moving from clip board and paper to a digital queue system enabled a dramatic business transformation. By going digital the optical retail chain was able impact the customer experience from begging to end; from serving customers in a more orderly fashion and improving shop floor employee productivity, to generating new business insights from the invaluable data collected.

‘We see several hundred patients and customers each day, some are coming in for straight forward purchases of glasses or contact lenses, others are coming in for slightly more complex clinical journeys.

 What the Qudini app allows us to do is understand why someone has come into the practice and to ensure that they get to the right person at the right place at the right time, to have the best outcome possible.

 We implemented Qudini and it was an instantaneous success. We literally were able to manage our improvements on customers serviced within a week. Qudini has enabled us to have a much more pleasant customer experience in the store and we can definitely see that we’ve had a percentage growth in terms of revenue.’  – Optical Retail Director

 To learn more about how this Optical Retail Chain success story read our case study.



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