3 ways retailers can attract and retain footfall

Dylan Brown
by Dylan Brown

Store footfall figures are decreasing globally. Retailers need to invest in queue management software to create more engaging and streamlined customer journeys that keep consumers coming back for more.

When a customer visits one of your stores for the first time, the interaction they have with a store associate will often leave a long-lasting impression of your brand.

As a result, many retailers focus a great deal of their attention on perfecting their in-store customer service by hiring helpful and friendly staff, and training them to be experts in their field.

Creating a customer service team that’s dedicated, knowledgeable and supportive is by all means a worthwhile investment, but unfortunately, they might not have time to properly shine if your walk-in customers are faced with long queues and waiting times when entering a store.

Our research has found that retailers lose 10% of footfall due to queues and wait times in store – and 26% of customers who walk out of stores will discontinue their purchase journey completely. Over the course of time, this can have a detrimental impact on your business.

Here’s how to avoid losing walk-out customers by implementing an effective virtual queuing system:

1) Eliminate in-store queues

Since 2014, Samsung has been building its global store presence to provide immersive, brand-rich experiences for consumers alongside expert technology care and advice. Samsung use Qudini’s digital queue management systems, enabling customers entering the store without an appointment to check in and get a time to be served.

This software allows Samsung to directly retain walk-in customers through a better managed queuing experience. Since implementing Qudini’s software across stores in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands, Samsung has eliminated queues for services in-store and, as a result, significantly reduced store walkouts.

Samsung customers are now greeted by a host using the Qudini app on a Samsung tablet. The host takes the customer’s name and smartphone number, then adds them to a digital queue. Once added, the customer receives an SMS message to confirm that they’ve been added to the queue, their queue position, and estimated waiting time. This enables the customer to browse the store and receive updates via SMS and a TV screen on the wall whilst they wait. If the wait is long, they can even leave the store and get a text message as their turn draws near.

General Manager for Customer Experience, Engagement and Transformation at Samsung, Paolo Lupi, says:

“Without having a way to effectively manage a given queue, there’d be many many more walkouts, certainly. And it comes down to the simple fact, if you are not giving the customer information upfront as to how long they are expected to wait, why would you stand there in a queue that doesn’t seem to be reducing?”

Watch the video below to find out how Samsung has reduced customer walkouts with our software:

2) Invest in your ‘store of the future’ strategy

With today’s digital technology, modern customers can easily shop online instead of visiting a store, yet the majority of customers are still choosing to make the journey in-store.

Why? Because people want to experience what it’s like to be a part of your brand and see your products in-person.

Alongside its existing store portfolio, Samsung has launched its new experience stores that are designed to drive brand retention by creating great experiences for its customers. The new flagship store, Samsung KX, at King’s Cross’s Coal Drops Yard, is dedicated to delivering experiences to in-store visitors, which can include anything from mini 3D figurine eggs and collages, to DJing, or participating in a range of coffee making, photography and yoga classes.

And while this brings attention to Samsung’s brilliant new products, it also gives customers something that they want – an experience worth remembering. These new stores have also eliminated in-store queues, enabling Samsung’s team to build even better relationships with their customers.

3) Invest in in-store SaaS solutions

In today’s digital age, retailers need to focus on the changing needs of their customer-base. We work closely with high street retailers to transform their in-store experiences and boost sales, streamline operations and create lasting, valuable customer relationships.

Samsung’s CX Lead, Paolo Lupi, says:

‘Working with Qudini, we’ve been able to allow customers to browse in store rather than stand in a queue not knowing when they are going to be served. So the output of that has really given us some strong NPS success.’

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