Frequently asked questions and information about Qudini’s Appointment
booking software, event booking software and queuing system pricing for small businesses.

  1. How many stores or venues can I manage through my Qudini subscription?

    As a small business, you can add up to 10 venue locations.

  2. How do I add additional stores or venues to my Qudini subscription

    Simply get in touch with support@qudini.com and we’ll help you to set-up your new store or venue and help you choose the most suitable price-plan. Different venues can be on different price plans.

  3. How many devices can I use Qudini on at once?

    Qudini will work across an unlimited number of devices at once. So multiple staff members or management can be logged-in at the same time.

  4. How do I cancel my Qudini subscription?

    If for any reason you need to cancel your Qudini subscription after you’ve signed-up, please email: support@qudini.com and we’ll do the rest.

  5. How do I pay for Qudini?

    By signing-up and agreeing to our terms and conditions, you’ll instruct us to debit your account each month by Direct Debit. An invoice detailing the agreed fee + VAT will also be sent to you.

  6. How many SMS text messages are typically sent per customer/group

    Typically, you’ll send two messages per party, for either walk-in or reservation customers. The first SMS confirms a reservation, or that a party has joined your waiting list. The second SMS is a reservation reminder, or lets a party know a table has become available.

    It’s the same for appointment or event booking customers. The first text confirms their appointment or booking. The second reminds them.

    You can manage the number of SMS messages sent and manually send additional messages with tailored updates should you choose. There’s a 160-character limit per SMS, but our defaults help ensure messages are kept within the limit.

  7. How do I know which price plan to choose?

    Data from your free 14-day trial will show how many customers you have put through. It helps you to calculate the number of staff accounts you need per individual venue.

  8. How much will it cost to sign-up after my free 14-day trial? Are there any booking fees?

    We don’t charge booking fees. Simply pay the monthly fee listed on our SMB pricing page.

    As an option, you can choose to send SMS messages either at our fixed fee per SMS or by adding one or more SMS bundles to your plan for a reduced rate.

  9. If I decide to sign-up after my free 14-day trial, how long do I need to sign-up for?

    There is NO minimum contract period, and NO cancellation fee. You may upgrade or downgrade at any time, with just 30 days notice. There are NO hidden charges.

  10. What if I decide not to use Qudini after the free 14-day trial?

    No problem! Just simply stop using Qudini and your account will deactivate when your free 14-day trial ends.

  11. Does Qudini provide me with hardware?

    We don’t provide hardware. To make life simple, Qudini will work with any browser on any device.

  12. How many hardware devices do I need?

    You simply require any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a website browser.

    Qudini is a web-based app that can be stored on one or more device to behave like a native app. You can even store it on just one device but login from any other device you choose.

  13. Do I need to input my card details to activate the free trial?

    No. You can easily sign-up for a free 14-day trial without inputting your card details. If you like it, just let us know and we’ll help sign you up. If you don’t like it, the free trial will expire and you won’t have to do anything.

  14. How does the free trial work?

    Simply sign-up online. You don’t need to enter your card details and there’s no set-up fee. You’ll then have free access for 14 days to test and use Qudini within your business. If you decide not to continue at any point during the free trial period, there’s no obligation and we’ll just be happy you gave it a go.

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