Drive traffic to your appointment booking system with value propositions

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

If you’ve recently set up the functionality in your stores that allows customers to book appointments with in-house experts, being it for personal styling or to receive technical support, it’s crucial that you take the time to map out how best to market this service to your customer base.

The best approach to drive traffic to your stores and build stronger consumer relationships is to set up a core value proposition that you can use across all channels, including social media, PR and advertising as well as in your stores and on your website, to drive your customers to make a booking.

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Creating your core value proposition

A core proposition should be consistent across channels.

To help make it easier to understand, we’ve created a fictional luxury retail brand, QDi, that offers customers an expert styling service.

The core proposition goes as follows:

“Whether you want to discover a new look, have a special event on the horizon, or want to browse through a selection of our latest products, our dedicated one-to-one shoppers have the fashion knowledge and style expertize to help you find the perfect solution.”

QDi’s ‘Stay in style’ proposition is designed to appeal to luxury shoppers wanting to benefit from a tailored, one-to-one service (it’s also a brief nod to today’s Covid-19 consumers).

In a call to action format, it can be shortened down to “Let us introduce you to our latest products or help you find a new style you’ll love,” or “Book an appointment with one of our in-store stylists today.”

What makes a great “Call To Action” (CTA)?

CTA buttons and statements are one of the most important parts of your website and marketing content. A great CTA, placed in the correct location, can get customers to undertake desired actions and drive them where you need them to be, thus improving conversion rates. A bad CTA looks amateurish and off-putting.

An example of some effective CTAs.

Where to use them?

Across content

Your value proposition alongside clear call to action buttons (or statements when offline), should be used in tandem with each other within online and offline content in order to advertise your appointment booking offering or general offerings and promotions.

On your website

Value propositions and clear call to actions (that link to the Qudini online appointment booking webpage) should be placed on your website, landing pages and mobile app in some of the following locations.

How can it be tracked?

A/B testing and tracking uptake helps to optimize your value proposition.

CTA buttons and their placement:

Click here for more ideas on how to display CTAs on your website.

Download our best practice guide on promote your appointment booking software here.


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