Drive traffic to your Appointment services with value propositions

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Drive traffic to your Appointment services with value propositions


In the last blog post, we spoke about how you can define your value proposition and CTAs in order to drive footfall into your retail store.

Today, we will look at where to use your Appointment Booking value propositions and CTAs.

Where to use them?

Across Content

Your value proposition alongside clear call to action buttons (or statements when offline), should be used in tandem with each other within online and offline content in order to advertise your appointment booking offering or general offerings and promotions.

Book An Appointment In-Store (V2).png

On your website

Value propositions and clear call to actions (that link to the Qudini online appointment booking webpage) should be placed on your website, landing pages and mobile app in some of the following locations.

How can it be tracked?

A/B testing and tracking uptake helps to optimise your value proposition. Call to Action buttons and their placement.

Homepage: a visual banner summarising your appointment booking offering

Qudini Holidays Homepage (V1).png

Store Finder page & individual pages: Text explaining your offering

Store Locator.png

Store’s individual pages – On individual store pages, place a short sentence of text about appointment bookings

Appointment Booking Information page

A separate page with more detailed SEO optimised appointment booking information and links to make an appointment.

Individual Store Page - Widget & Opening Times (Version A).png

Service and product pages: Next to key products and services that customers may wish to discuss in-store before purchasing, include call to actions buttons such as “Book to discuss in-store”.

Greece Page.png

Our next blog will focus on how to drive traffic to your landing pages which look to promote your landing pages.

To read our best practice guide on how to promote your Appointment Booking proposition, click here.

For some practical insights into how to make the most of your proposition, sign-up to our upcoming webinar on the 16th November, which will focus on the best ways to promote your Appointment Booking Service.

If you would like to get in touch about the Appointment Booking services offered at Qudini and hear more about our store of the future technology, please don’t hesitate to contact the marketing team –


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