How advertising can help drive traffic to your online appointment booking service

Imogen Wethered
by Imogen Wethered

Once your in-store or virtual appointment booking service is live, it’s vital that you draw your customers’ attention towards it – and advertising can be useful channel to do so.

Offering the opportunity for your customers to book one-to-one appointments with in-house experts such as style guides, tech gurus or consultants helps to strengthen customer relationships and loyalty, improve footfall figures and increase staff productivity, but to achieve this, you’ll need the right online appointment booking software.

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Here are some of the many ways retailers can use print and outdoor advertising to promote their appointment booking service and increase traffic as a result.

Outdoor ideas

A window display for our fictional luxury retail brand QDi.

As stores are a vital sales channel, you first port of call is your shop front window. As you can see in the image above, the QR code can be used as a call to action, allowing customers to simply scan the code (even after your stores have closed) and book an appointment with one of your in-store or virtual experts.

This can work particularly well in today’s Covid-19 environment, as customers might be more inclined to visit if they know they can easily book an appointment instead of having to wait for service.

Offline advertising

Bus shelters, billboards and tube/subway stations are all excellent places to drive awareness to your in-store and virtual services.

Although often costly, outdoor advertising can be a great addition to your strategy and has a host of different options. To improve awareness of your appointment booking service, think about how you can reference this within your general creative campaigns – advertising your brand outdoors, on public transport and near to your stores.


Advertising in printed media is a great way to reach consumers using a targeted approach.

To ensure your print based ads convert to in-store visits, be sure to include appointment booking messaging and call to actions.

To optimize conversion to appointments for those who can use the link, make sure you request detailed audience stats from each publication, and ensure the link included in the advert points to a landing page version that engages that specific audience.

TIP: When using outdoor and print advertising ensure that your message and visuals are relevant and relatable to the audience that will see it. Think about who will be passing by your billboard, or purchasing the newspaper you have advertised in.

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