Customer feedback on Qudini’s Restaurant Waitlist App

Published on February 19th 2018
By Anne-Marie Lavelle

We pride ourselves on offering solutions that not only supports our clients operations but gives high quality experiences for their customers. So it is always great to hear and see tweets, and feedback from hungry diners on their experiences with the support of Qudini.

Here are some of our most favourite comments from hungry diners served by Qudini’s Restaurant Waitlist app.

Qudini’s Twitter page: @qudini

Pleasantly interested customers waiting to try one of London’s hottest Sri Lankan restaurant @ Hoopers

@Qudini making my wait @HoppersLondon about 1000% more pleasant Changes the no reservations restaurant vibe totally
— Mariya Osadchaya-Isa (@OsadchayaIsa)

With @HoppersLondon proving so popular (we’ve been 3x), thank gawd for queue-busters @Qudini
— Squaremeal (@SquareMeal) 1 December 2015


A Slice of happiness @ Pizza East

I’m queuing with @Qudini and I love it!!! Pizza East for the win!! @FraserHardy_uk @Imogenkw
— Joanna Alpe (@joannaalpe) 26 June 2015

Loving the wait for Burgers @ Honest Burger

Really impressed by the queue management at #honestburger in soho. Clever use of app and personalisation.
— Gabrielle Hase (@gabriellehase) 20 July 2013

@PaulDazeley: @canhoto @honestburgers well it is definitely an awesome example of excellent marketing in every day life!” @Qudini
— George Rickman (@georgerickman) 28 July 2013

We would love to hear more feedback from your customers, and even from you! Please send them to, all feedback is important to us and the development of our solutions.


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