How CTAs can drive traffic to your appointment booking services

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How CTAs can drive traffic to your appointment booking services

Why it’s important to have a strong value proposition

Having a strong value proposition or core differentiator is essential. This ensures your customers understand what your new service is about, and more importantly, how it benefits them. In short, a value proposition is a declarative statement,which, in this case:

Defining your value propositions

One uniform value proposition should be placed in all online and offline content used to promote our appointment booking offering.

Our example value proposition for Qudini’s Holidays Appointment Booking service with in-store guides:

“Let us guide you to your hassle free adventure”

“Book an appointment with one of our in-store guides today”

Calls to Action: driving traffic

Call to action buttons and statements are one of the most important parts of your website and marketing content.

A great CTA button can drive customers where you need them to be and get them to take desired actions and so improve conversion rates. A bad CTA looks amateurish and off putting.

While there is no one size fits all rule for CTAs, a bad one will always stick out like a sore thumb. Generic, poorly-placed, and boring CTAs will cause more harm than good.

Here are some tips on creating CTAs which ensure results:

It needs to be placed in easy to find and relevant locations within your site, at times immediately below your value proposition.

Making your CTA stand out

If you’re thinking of using ‘click here’ or book now as CTAs, it’s time to talk. CTAs have the power to increase interaction with your customer, but you’ll need to give it the best chance possible. Here’s how to do it:

Inject some motivation

Rather than going for the generic ‘click here’, turn the CTA into a statement which relates to what the customer is going to get. For example, ‘book my in-store appointment now’, ‘Schedule a meeting with an in-store genius’ or event ‘Take me to my appointment’.

Injecting a little motivation, and a few verbs into your CTAs is no bad thing either. Action words have been proven to boost click rates by creating a sense of urgency. The more clickable, the better.

For supercharged CTAs, make your buttons, big, bold and colourful. You can go a step further and A/B test you CTAs to ensure efficiency.

In the next blog, we will talk about where are the best places to put your value propositions and call to actions.

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