Contactless click and collect services to increase during Covid-19, survey finds

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by Qudini Marketing

Contactless click and collect services from store entrances and curbsides will increase in popularity during Covid-19, as customers seek to reduce their time in store.

We surveyed 2,000+ consumers throughout the UK about their use of click and collect services during Covid-19 – here’s some of our findings:

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How UK consumers used click and collect services before the Coronavirus outbreak:

How UK consumers will use click and collect services during the Coronavirus outbreak:

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Why retailers should invest in a contactless click and collect software

The vast majority of consumers are avoiding visits to stores wherever possible, and the majority will continue to do so until they feel safe. In the meantime, stores will serve as contactless fulfilment hubs for customers to collect online orders with minimal contact.

Offering consumers the option of easily picking up items they’ve purchased online without having to queue in store or come into contact with others will help build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with consumers.

An uptake in click and collect services will also reduce delivery costs and increase omni-channel customer behaviours leading to future growth (omni-channel customers spend 15% more and retain longer). It will also mean retailers can improve profitability and more jobs stay intact to support store operations.

How Qudini’s contactless click and collect check-in software works

Qudini offers contactless online order pick-up by enabling customers to check-in and receive SMS and smartphone updates while staff locate and bring their orders to them at the store entrance or curbside using the click and collect app.

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