Case Study:

Enabling a vaping retailer to:

Reduce walk-outs, so more customers speak to an advisor and make a purchase.

Improve store productivity and resource allocation, due to improved process and business insights.

Increase customer loyalty, due to a premium customer experience where they are greeted on entry.


  • “As a store manager, I am now able to track the shop floor status in real-time.””
    Store Manager | Asian Market Store

Client Profile

Our client, traditionally a multinational cigarette manufacturing company, offers an innovative tobacco vaporising device. In a move to convert smokers away from traditional cigarettes to these devices, the vaping retailer has built a global presence of 200 stores across 39 different countries. The stores will only sell to current smokers who are over the age of 18.


Within the stores, customers can speak to an advisor who explains how to use and care for the device in a 10-20 minute discussion. Across the globe and particularly within Asia, Europe and the Middle East, their stores receive high levels of customer traffic, who come to learn about and purchase the vaping device. This means extremely long queues can build up, with customers often waiting to speak to an advisor or even queuing to just enter the store to top-up their vaping liquid supplies.

Beyond a manual clipboard, the stores previously had no way of managing waiting customers, providing them with wait time updates or knowing which customers were coming in for a quick transaction. The resulting queues and confusion lead to lost sales as many customers walked out without service.

In addition, the business has sought to provide a more premium coaching experience, enabling customers to pre-book a session in-store or with one of their remote advisors.


To improve customer experience and operations across their new stores, the vaping retailer undertook a global tender focused on finding suppliers to sit within their centralised technology ecosystem. After a rigorous selection process, they chose Qudini as their global supplier thanks to Qudini’s highly scalable, innovative and modern technology products, as well as their agility and flexibility as a supplier. The vaping retailer has since begun deploying the Queue Management system, Appointment Scheduling software, Event software and Task Management software across their stores in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.


The walk-in customer journey with Qudini Queue Management:
• The store host greets walk-in customers and asks the purpose of their visit.
• The host adds those wanting to speak with an advisor to a digital queue on their iPad.
• If the customer entered their mobile number, they receive an SMS message with a link to a website to watch their place.
• The customer is able to relax and enjoy their wait, they can get a free coffee, use the in-store dwell spaces or go out of the store if needed.
• When their turn arises, they receive an SMS asking them to meet the host.
• The customer is then called by the host and introduced to the advisor.

The upcoming appointment customer journey with Qudini Appointment Scheduling software:
• A potential customer browsing the country’s website can book an appointment within their local store or with a local advisor.
• A confirmation SMS and email confirms the customer’s booking.
• A reminder SMS and email are sent the day before the appointment.
• When the customer arrives in store, the host staff member checks them in and introduces them to the right advisors.


• The Qudini Shop Floor Management features enable the store teams to manage their customers, staff and shop floor activities using Qudini on their desktop devices.
• The Qudini app allows greater visibility and communication, which is particularly essential in stores operating across two floors.
• Staff members taking their breaks are able to speak to the shop floor manager who can record their break and manage when they are due to return.


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    Increased sales due to reduced walk-outs

    The Qudini Queue Management system has eliminated the physical queue and reduced wait times causing fewer customers to walk out of the store without service. As such, more customers are served and purchase devices.

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    Increased sales due to better customer triaging

    The Qudini software enables the store host to greet every customer coming in and understand their needs, allowing the store to serve quick transaction customers swiftly and effectively.

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    Driving future revenues

    With Qudini, advisors speak to more potential customers enhancing future sales revenue. This also increases the number of customers likely to tell their friends about the brand.

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    Improved store productivity

    Customer service times have reduced by an average of 5 minutes per customer. By spending less time managing the queue and more time completing tasks and serving customers, Qudini maximises the staff productivity whilst still ensuring premium customer service levels.

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    Advanced shop floor management

    The Qudini interface and Shop Floor Management features provide staff greater visibility of store activities and improve communications across the shop floor. As such, they no longer need to use walkie-talkies to communicate, which further reduces hardware costs for the business.

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    Better resource allocation

    Qudini enables the vaping retailer to access analytics on their customer footfall patterns and needs. This enables them to better plan resources around the times of day when they are needed most.

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    Greater business intelligence

    Qudini provides the vaping retail business with rich insights on their store operations and customer demographics, helping them to continually improve their business and sales.

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