US-based Optical Retailer with over 1,000 stores partnered with Qudini to utilize our Retail Choreography solutions in its stores, resulting in reduced walk-outs, increased customer loyalty and more productive teams. 

No. of stores

The challenge

Our client had footfall coming into their optical retail stores for eyewear advice and eye tests, which could take up to 30 minutes per customer. As a result, new customers would often need to wait for service and decide to walk out of the store. Our client managed these customers on a first-come-first-served basis using clipboards and pens. They also pre-booked customers in for service using a paper appointment diary and posted a basic booking form online. However, these manual processes took up staff time and undermined their professional outlook, leading to a less than optimal customer experience and reduced customer loyalty.

In a bid to position themselves as the leading optical retailer in North America, our client installed the Qudini Retail Choreography Walk-in Management and Appointment Scheduling software. They selected Qudini as a flexible and service-oriented software provider with a highly scalable and adaptable tool that could support their stores across the USA.

The customer journey

The walk-in customer journey with Qudini Walk-in Management:
• Walk-in customers wanting to see an optician are added to a digital line
• If the customer entered their mobile number, they receive an SMS message with a link to a website to watch their place
• The customer can relax and enjoy their wait by browsing the eyewear or heading out of the store for a coffee
• When their turn arises, they receive an SMS asking them to meet the host
• The host introduces the customer to the optician when it is their turn
• If at the end of their optician’s service they want to speak to an advisor, the customer is added into the queue for eyewear dispense. This frees them to browse the store until an eyewear advisor comes to find them.

The customer journey with Qudini Appointment Scheduling software:
• Customers can book follow-up appointments with an optician or eyewear advisor either online or in-store
• A confirmation SMS and email is sent to the customer
• A reminder SMS and email is sent the day before the appointment
• When the customer arrives in-store, the host checks them in and introduces them to the right advisor.

Shop Floor choreography

The Qudini Shop Floor Management features enable the optical retailer’s store teams to manage their customers alongside their store associates and shop floor activities using Qudini on their desktop devices. The Qudini app allows greater visibility and communication, which is particularly essential in stores operating across two floors. Staff members taking their breaks can speak to the shop floor manager who can record their break and manage when they are due to return.


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  • Increased retention and sales

    The improved waiting experience encourages more customers to wait for service and eyewear advice.

    Increased eyewear purchase

    The seamless transfer of customers from opticians services to eyewear advice helps the retailer convert more customers to purchasing glasses.

  • Increased store footfall

    Being able to book appointments online has driven more customers in-store for opticians services and eyewear purchases.

    Marketing activities converted into footfall

    For the first time, the brand can now easily convert customers engaging with their marketing materials online to in-store footfall by placing a booking weblink within their campaign material.

  • Enhanced Millennial proposition

    Younger Millennial and Gen Z demographics are less patient than previous demographics and 250% more likely to complain about poor store experience. Providing a more premium digital service experience helps the brand build a strong Millennial and Gen Z customer base.

    Improved loyalty and word of mouth

    The improved customer experience has encouraged more customers to return to the store more frequently and relay positive feedback to their friends. This has driven future revenues for the business beyond the customer’s initial visit.

  • Improved store productivity

    Qudini enables the store team to serve more customers and spend more time on important shop floor activities by reducing the time spent managing customers and crowding within the store.

    Better resource allocation

    Qudini enables the optical retailer to better understand footfall patterns and store operations. As such, the retailer is able to allocate the right people to the right place at the right time.


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