Case Study:

Enabling the University of Nottingham to:

Improve student experience due to shorter wait times and more accessible services.

Enhance hub efficiency and resource allocation.

Improve staff experience and retention thanks to happier students.

Client Profile

The University of Nottingham is a Russell Group University in the heart of England. With over 30,000 students, it is the 7th largest university in the UK. As part of a drive to improve the student experience, the University of Nottingham deployed Qudini’s Queue Management Queueing System software to enhance its Student Hub and Enrolment Services.


As part of a drive to offer an amazing student experience, the University of Nottingham created Student Hubs to act as the ‘First Stop Shop’ for students with enquiries about their studies, welfare or time at the university.

These hubs also provide a wealth of other support services, including Student Services, Finance, Support Services and Academic Administration Services.

Offering such a range of services meant they were constantly busy. The University of Nottingham needed a solution to reduce queues and minimise waiting time.

Queue Challenge


The University of Nottingham engaged with Qudini, a system that can be found on G-Cloud, the government’s Digital Marketplace for the public sector, to use their robust, flexible and easy to implement Queue Management system.


Walk-in student journey:
• A student wanting to enrol or use the Hub services can join a digital queue from a kiosk situated outside the hub.
• Once added to the queue, the kiosk confirms the student’s queue position and wait time.
• They receive a text message confirming their queue position and providing a link to a branded page to watch their place in the queue.
• The students are able to use their wait productively and will receive a text message when it is nearly their turn.
• The student returns to the Hub and waits a few minutes until a team member calls them.



Using the Qudini Shop Floor Management features, the hub staff have a holistic view of their hub activities and are able to manage students, alongside their staff shifts, breaks, tasks and floor activities.

  • Qudini staff interface
  • Qudini kiosk
  • Qudini text alert


  • Results Icon

    Improved resource planning

    Qudini Business Intelligence Dashboards enable Nottingham University to capture useful insights about why and when students are visiting their hubs (they know the visiting intention for 80% of students). These insights help to improve day-to-day operations, resource planning and strategic planning across the university.

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    Improved efficiency

    The hubs are now less crowded. The number of waiting students and wait time-related complaints have reduced, freeing up the Nottingham University Student Hub service team’s time to focus on more important tasks.

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    More students supported

    Since using Qudini, the proportion of students visiting the Hub and following through to service has increased by 10.5%, with 94% of students now being served. As such, the Hub is supporting more students and driving a better student experience across the university.

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    Students are more productive

    Students used to have to wait in line with no idea whether they’d be seen before their next lecture. Now, with a clear time indicated, students can make productive use of the time in the café or library.

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