Case Study:

Enabling travel agency retailers to:

Improve customer experience, with wait times down 57%.

Increase sales, with walk-outs reduced by 65%.

Improve conversion, with 5% of customers more likely to book a holiday after an in-store experience in addition to a 48% higher conversion rate on appointment bookings.


  • “We are a lot more organised now. If we didn’t have it, I don’t know what we’d do. We need it!”
    Store Colleague | Travel Company
  • “It creates a better commitment from the customers… if a customer has made a special journey to fulfill an appointment, we know they are serious about booking.”
    Store Manager | Travel Company

Client Profile

Our client is the largest leisure, travel agency and tourism company in the world. They operate 600 stores across the UK and provide holidays across the globe.


The leisure sector has grown significantly over the past 2-3 years, swelling the travel agency’s customer base. As a result, the travel agency has struggled to provide every in-store customer with exceptional customer service, with walk-in customers often having to wait in physical queues during peak periods. The tour operator’s store teams tried to solve this by tracking customers within the queue on a clipboard and pen. However, customers still had to wait in the store and staff were unable to provide them with estimated wait times.

Furthermore, as holidays are a high-cost purchase, some customers need to go away and reflect before purchasing. The tour operator had no way of allowing customers to return to see their advisor at an agreeable time.



The tour operator deployed the Qudini Queue Management system and Appointment Scheduling software to better choreograph their customer experience and shop floor operations. They selected Qudini due to its flexible, easy-to-deploy, out-of-box software, as well as the company’s passion for improving customer experience. Using Qudini, the travel agency now provides a calm waiting experience, leading to a more productive shop floor and an improved booking conversion.


The walk-in customer journey with the Qudini Queue Management system:
• A customer enters the store and is added to the digital queue by visiting the reception desk.
• If the customer entered their mobile number, they receive an SMS message with a weblink to watch their place. An SMS updates them as their turn draws near.
• The customer is able to relax and enjoy their wait, either inside or outside the store.
The appointment customer journey with the Qudini Appointment Scheduling software:
• If the customer is unable to finalise their purchase decision in store, the advisor is able to book them an appointment for a future date.
• A confirmation SMS and email confirms the customer’s booking.
• A reminder SMS and email are sent the day before the appointment.
• When the customer arrives in store, the staff check them in and the advisor sees them right away.



The Qudini Shop Floor Management features enable the travel agency’s store team to manage their walk-in and appointment customers, alongside their staff and shop floor activities using Qudini on their desktop devices. Staff members taking their breaks are able to speak to the shop floor manager who can record their break and manage when they are due to return.


  • Results Icon

    Increased sales

    Wait times have reduced by 57% and the improved waiting experience has reduced the number of customers walk-outs by 65%, thus increasing the number of customers that stay in store for the shop team to convert to a holiday booking.

    “It has improved customer experience. Customers are willing to wait longer and because their enquiry is logged it feels more like an appointment, making customers feel more valued.”
    – Store Manager, Travel Agency

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    Increased conversion

    Holiday bookings have increased by 5% since using Qudini. The client’s Appointment bookings have a 48% higher conversion rate than walk-ins alone. If customers are unable to confirm their holiday purchase during their initial visit, the staff can seamlessly book them an appointment to return to store when they have made their decision. This was never possible before Qudini.

    “It creates a better commitment from the customers… if a customer has made a special journey to fulfill an appointment we know they are serious about booking.”
    – Store Manager, Travel Agency

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    Improved efficiency and resource allocation

    The Qudini platform frees up the store team’s time to use on more important tasks. In addition, the staff performance and footfall insights enable the business to improve their team productivity and resource planning so they always have the right people in the right place at the right time.

    “We are a lot more organised now. If we didn’t have it, I don’t know what we’d do, we need it!”
    – Store Colleague, Travel Agency

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    Improved productivity and team morale

    The Qudini insights help to drive a healthy level of competitive morale amongst colleagues.

    “Qudini has been a life saver on transaction time, I can now share with the team who is my top and bottom performers”.
    – Store Manager, Travel Agency

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    Better commercial decisions

    Qudini provides the travel agency with fresh insights on customer activity and intention, as well as the day-to-day activities of staff members, helping them improve resource planning and marketing decisions.

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    Simple to get started

    Staff get to grips with Qudini in only a few minutes.

    “It’s so intuitive, we just picked it up and started using it. So easy to use, very simple and incredibly valuable to us”.
    – Store Manager, Travel Agency


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    Improved loyalty and word of mouth

    The premium customer experience facilitated by Qudini encourages customers to return to store and tell their friends about their positive experience.

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