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Case Study:

Driving footfall to Travel Agency stores with Multi-Channel Appointment Bookings and Queue Management

Qudini works with a major UK travel agency in order to provide appointment booking and queue management software to help them improve their in-store customer experience and drive footfall to their advisor services


Our travel agency clients in-store advisors provide tailored holiday advice to customers, to help them discover and book their ideal holiday. Its website displays a variety of holiday offers to customers online, but previously had no way to transition customers into store if they wanted a more personalised advice.

As a result, many customers would walk-in to stores, often during lunch-breaks or at weekends, which could lead to busy stores and lengthy waits for service.

A holiday is also a complex purchase, with customers often requiring multiple conversations and time to process information before making a decision.

To support the bespoke service provided to customers and to ensure conversion, our client needed a way to help its staff arrange follow-up meetings with customers in a personalised way.

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The travel agency implemented Qudini’s Appointment Booking system into its new stores concepts, in order to connect its digital channels with the in-store customer experience.

Appointment bookings: Customers can now use the travel agency’s website to find their nearest store and book an appointment. Links to the online appointment booking interface have also been placed on the Facebook pages of each individual store.

Each booking customer receives a personalised branded confirmation of their appointment and, in advance of their appointment, they also receive personalised reminder notifications. Store staff are also now able to view details of their upcoming appointments and better prepare for each customer’s needs in advance.

Walk-in management: In our client’s high-footfall store locations, the Qudini queue management interface is further used to manage the many walk-in customers throughout the day, looking for holiday advice or travel money services.

Using Qudini, a receptionist will provide the customer with a service time estimate and add their name and smartphone number to a digital queue, enabling the customer to relax whilst they wait, engage with the information in the store, and receive SMS updates as their turn arises.

In-store bookings: If a customer needs more time to decide, the travel agency advisor can book a follow-up appointment, which can then take place back in-store or over the phone.


  • 1,300% ROI

    The direct result of implementing Qudini’s Appointment Booking system.

  • 92% of staff say Qudini adds value

    Qudini adds value to all the travel agency  stores.

  • 10% Increase in total store conversion

    Staff are now better prepared for each customer and can deliver a more tailored service that leads to conversion. As a result, our clients stores have seen their total store conversion increase by 10%.

  • Facebook promotion doubled bookings made

    After placing a simple “Book Now” button on a store’s individual Facebook page, booking volumes doubled – demonstrating the significant opportunity to increase in-store footfall using a variety of channels.

  • Improved customer satisfaction now that waits feel shorter

    Enabling customers to use their wait productively improves their experience and reduces their perception of the wait time. Qudini data shows that customers wait an average of 9 minutes. However, when surveyed 79% felt they waited less than 5 minutes.

  • £100 K of potential revenue saved from walking out (per store per annum)

    Now that walk-in customers are provided with estimated wait times and personalised updates, more customers are willing to wait in-store for their service. Furthermore, customers who don’t want to wait will book a follow-up appointment.

  • 88% increase in timely follow-up calls

    Previously, stores were planning follow-up calls on paper, which were hard to track. With Qudini, follow-up calls are booked in, ensuring that each customer receives their scheduled call within the agreed timeframe.

  • 63% of follow-up appointments return to store when planned

    Now that customers can pre-book a fixed follow-up appointment, the majority of customers adhere to this time, ensuring they return and that staff are prepared.

  • 85% of customers say Qudini’s Appointment system improves their in-store experience

    showing that Qudini improves the travel agency’s customer experience

  • 99.44% of customers say that Qudini gives reassurance that they are being taken care of.

    Qudini adds value to the customer experience.

  • Head office is now able to better understand potential lost sales

    Qudini provides more granular detail to support our client’s footfall data, and provide data on what happens after customers enter a store.

  • New footfall driven to store from online

    23% of customers visiting the online booking page will book an appointment in our clients store. 60% of these customers are new/first time to the travel agency.

  • Store managers are better able to plan resources and activities to ensure sales

    Qudini’s store manager dashboard and in-app shop floor management functionality enables the store manager to better plan and manage their shop floor.

  • Weekend walkout volumes have reduced by 25%

    Now that stores are able to better manage customer volumes during peak times.


  • “When a customer books an appointment online it allows me to put them with the right person as I know what they are coming in to discuss.… This increases the chance of making the sale. Conversion has increased since we added Qudini appointments. Loyalty has improved too.”
    Store Manager | Travel Agency Store
  • “On busy days we utilise the booking feature heavily, it's a God-send.”
    Store Manager | Travel Agency Store

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