Tesco Click and Collect Software and Appointment Scheduling Case Study

Case Study

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Tesco is a multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer based in the UK. It is the UK grocery market leader and the third-largest retailer in the world. In 2007, research found that £1 in every £7 in the UK was spent at Tesco.

Tesco Extra is the largest format of Tesco store; they offer a wide range of products and services from groceries, to electronics and clothing. To maximise store productivity and conversion, customers must be able to seamlessly navigate their way around and speak to the staff members they need to, in order to fulfil their purchase journey.

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The challenge

Tesco Extra is the largest format of Tesco store, offering a wide range of products and services from groceries to electronics to clothing. To maximise staff productivity and customer conversion, customers need to be able to seamlessly navigate their way around the various departments and speak to staff members as required.

As some areas of Tesco’s stores do not have a full-time staff member, it was possible to miss customers that needed support. This was the case within the Tesco electronics departments, click and collect desks and F&F clothing department. In addition, the Tesco customer service desks could become busy, resulting in queues and customers waiting in the wrong location.

Tesco Drive Through Click And Collect System Qudini

The Solution

To address some identified customer experience and navigation challenges, Tesco chose to deploy the Qudini Queue Management system to enable their customers to seamlessly request staff help across the store. They chose to work with Qudini’s Retail Choreography solutions due to their flexibility, agility and energy as a supplier, as well as their robust and scalable technology products, which could handle their enterprise needs and provide the significant data insights required by the business.


    Call a Colleague:
    Tesco deployed self-service kiosks across the Tesco Extra stores. These allow customers to call a staff member for help from key areas of the store. Customers receive a ticket and can watch their status on a TV until a staff member arrives.

    F&F fashion department:
    Tesco uses kiosk interfaces inside the F&F fitting rooms and within the F&F department. These enable customers to call a staff member for help with their fashion purchases.

    Click + Collect:
    Customers entering Tesco stores or using Tesco drive-through collection areas to collect online orders are now able to check-in from a kiosk and receive their orders faster. Customers receive a ticket and can watch their status on a TV until a staff member arrives.

  • Customer service desks:
    Customers requiring general non-sales assistance in Tesco stores can now avoid queuing by joining a digital queue. Customers receive a ticket and watch their status on a TV until a staff member arrives.



    Using the Qudini Shop Floor Management features, Tesco staff members can better communicate across the floor and manage their customers alongside their team’s time, breaks, tasks and general shop floor activities.


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  • Increased conversion and sales

    Thanks to the Qudini Call a Colleague system, more customers request and wait for help. Now, each customer is seen in under three minutes by the right colleague the first time, whereas many of them would have otherwise abandoned their purchase due to not finding a store colleague in time. As such, Qudini helps Tesco support and sell to more customers.

    Improved loyalty

    The enhanced service accessibility, reduced wait times and ability for customers to speak to the right staff member for their needs, enables Tesco to improve customer experience and build better relationships with their customers that drive loyalty to their online and offline channels.

  • Better commercial decisions

    Tesco now has access to rich insights on customer patterns and needs. This enables them to make smarter commercial decisions on marketing initiatives, stock planning and resource planning.

    Freed physical space

    Now that customers can check-in from a self-service kiosk, Tesco no longer needs desks allocated to its click and collect department and has removed these from its floor plans. This saves an average of 20 square metres per store that can be used for seating areas or sales purposes.

  • Improved out of hours conversion

    20% of F&F Call a Colleague requests are made to gain access to the fitting rooms during out of hours periods in the 24/7 Tesco Extra stores. As fitting rooms are closed out of hours, customers would have had to find a staff member to try on clothing and many would have abandoned their purchase.

    Improved customer service experience

    Qudini ensures that customers are placed in the right queue, the first time round. There are no longer issues with customers waiting in the wrong queue and being told that they need to queue again. This saves colleagues time and significantly improves customer relationships.

  • Better resource allocation

    Now that Tesco colleagues are able to receive customer requests remotely, they are freed to work across the shop floor on a variety of other tasks and services. When a customer needs them, they receive an alert and the right colleague is able to find the customer in a much faster timeframe.

    Increased unplanned purchases

    Now that customers are freed from physically queuing, they are happy to browse the store and visit the café as they wait, leading to more unplanned purchases.

  • Improved outdoor Click + Collect operation

    Using Qudini has significantly improved the outdoor drive-through Click + Collect operation. Now that customers can check-in from a kiosk as they drive through, colleagues no longer need to wait outside to take orders and can focus on preparing the customers orders as soon as they arrive.


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