A leading telco retailer, with over 2,000 stores and 42,000 employees, utilized Qudini’s Retail Choreography solutions to increase sales and productivity across its portfolio of stores.  

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The challenge

Supporting customers with all their mobile device and network needs means that customer service within our client’s telecoms stores can take time. Consequently, customers walking into the telco retailer’s stores within peak periods are often required to wait for service.

Previously, customers requiring service would wait in a physical queue in the order that they entered the store, but this led to a number of problems:
• The lack of expectation management caused frustration and led a proportion of customers to walk out without service, adversely impacting sales.
• Customers who waited could not engage with the store staff and sometimes waited in the wrong queue for the service they required.
• The queue was visible from outside the store, discouraging new customers from entering and leading to further lost sales opportunities.

Movistar Challenge

The telecoms retailer began using the Qudini Host App and Queue Management system in order to manage walk-in customers entering their stores. They selected Qudini due to our diverse experience within the telco sector and the ease of deploying our scalable out-of-box software, alongside our flexibility and energy as a supplier. The Qudini software has enabled them to increase sales by not only encouraging more customers to enter their stores, but also by reducing customer walk-outs with a more seamless waiting experience. In addition, the software has driven a more productive shop floor through better shop floor management.


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  • Increased new customer sales

    Previously, the physical queue was visible to customers outside the store and this deterred many from entering. Now that customers queue digitally, they are dispersed around the store or waiting in an inconspicuous waiting area. As a result, 51% more customers are inclined to enter the store and are added to the digital queue.

    Increased customer retention

    Before Qudini, customers had to queue with no information about wait times leading many to walk out of the store without service. Now, thanks to Qudini’s digital system and accurate wait time estimates, walk-outs have reduced 56%. The additional conversion opportunity of these customers enables the telecoms retailer to make a 3,900% ROI on the cost of the Qudini software.

  • Reduced waiting times

    With Qudini, the speed and process of serving customers has vastly improved, positively impacting staff morale (less stress) and productivity, further reducing waiting times and enhancing customer experience.

    Improved shop floor productivity

    Using Qudini’s shop floor management features, the shop floor manager can better coordinate their colleagues’ activities and use of time. This helps to create a more organised and efficient team that maximises sales.

  • Better management of colleague breaks

    The shop floor manager can easily record when a colleague takes their break and track when they are due back. This has ensured that colleagues return from their breaks on time, bolstering efficiency and increasing the amount of time they have to sell to customers.

    Enhanced customer experience drives loyalty

    Customer satisfaction has improved thanks to the enhanced store experience, encouraging more customers to use the telecoms retailer’s online store and give positive feedback to their friends an family.

  • Improved competitive advantage

    Wait time is the primary cause of complaints within retail. By eliminating queuing, the telecoms retailer has created a competitive edge over other brands.

    Improved resource allocation

    Staff are more efficient and the head office can use Qudini data analytics to understand footfall patterns, allowing them to better plan resources at appropriate times of the day.


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