Sweatshop Sportswear Queue Management Software Case Study

Case Study


Sweatshop is the UK’s favourite, as well as the largest, specialist independent sportswear retailer with stores nationwide.

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The challenge

Sweatshop is a customer-focused retailer and encourages customers to go through a 30-minute ‘full-fit’ gait analysis service so the store can advise on the correct sports shoes. However, this created a customer experience challenge as customers entering the store had to wait to be seen.

Previously, during peak periods, one member of staff would concierge and manage customers on a clipboard. But by doing so, Sweatshop were losing customers through walk-outs. Sweatshop needed an easy and simple system to solve this.

Clipboard challenge

Sweatshop deployed the Qudini Host App on iPad tables to improve customer experience and ensure that more customers received service.



• Customers entering the store are greeted by the Sweatshop host.
• They are informed of the estimated wait time (calculated based on the queue length and available team members) and added to the digital queue.
• Customers who provide their mobile number receive an SMS with their queue position and a link to a web page where they can watch their place in the queue.
• Customers can now browse the store as they wait for service, try on other products and even collect items they wish to buy at the end of their fitting.
• When it is the customer’s turn, the store host introduces them to their advisor for service.



Using the Qudini Shop Floor Management features, the Sweatshop host is able to manage their customers alongside their team members’ time, breaks and activities. This improves team communication and efficiency and ensures that breaks don’t overrun.


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  • Increased sales

    Customers are now happier to wait and walk-outs have reduced by 70%. As such, more customers are receiving service and buying sports shoes.

    Increased unplanned purchasing

    Incremental sales of sports equipment and accessories have increased by 9%. Now that there is no physical queue, the customers are browsing the store and collecting products whilst they wait.

  • 800% ROI

    Driven by staff efficiency and the increased sales from reduced customer walkouts and more unplanned purchasing.

    Increased staff efficiency

    Qudini frees up staff time to focus on service and other shop floor operations. As such, service times are 27% faster.

  • Better commercial decisions

    Qudini provides Sweatshop’s head office with information on their customer footfall and visiting intention. This helps them improve stock planning, marketing initiatives and resource planning.


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