Swarovski Appointment Scheduling Software and Virtual Queuing System for service

Case Study


Swarovski – Store appointments and walk-ins for service

Glass jewelry manufacturer and retailer, Swarovski, is using Qudini’s Appointment Scheduling Software and Virtual Queue Management Software across its store portfolio to make it easier and safer for customers to receive service.

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The challenge

Swarovski’s head office team wanted to make the customer experience at its stores a safe and enjoyable one. They didn’t want customers looking to enter their stores or to receive service to have to wait in physical lines outside, or to have to wait around inside of stores until an associate was free to serve them.

The solution

Customers wanting to schedule in a time in advance to speak with a consultant face-to-face can do so via the Swarovski website. They can select a time-slot that suits them, and receive regular SMS and email notifications to keep them engaged before their appointment.

When stores have reached capacity or when customers require one-to-one service, they are able to join a virtual queue via their smartphones or through a member of staff. They receive real-time SMS notifications alerting them when to return to store alongside wait time estimates and a position in the queue.


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  • Increased customer satisfaction

    Customers have a much more pleasant and safer waiting experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


    Higher customer loyalty

    Customers are drawn into stores or online channels by safe, engaging and seamless customer journeys, resulting in them coming back again and again.

  • Increased sales

    Customers are able to easily browse in stores and receive support, meaning they’re more likely to convert.


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