Specsavers Virtual Queue Management Software and Appointment Scheduling Software Case Study

Case Study


Specsavers Optical Group is a British multinational optical retail chain, which operates more than 700 stores through a network of franchisee partners. They have deployed Qudini Retail Choreography solutions across their entire UK estate, including Qudini’s Queue Management System and Appointment Scheduling Software. The Specsavers Plymouth store (the subject of our case study video) is one of the business’ top performing stores.

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The challenge

Across their franchise partners, the Specsavers stores offer a wide range of different services (including optometrist services, eyewear retail and audiology). Due to the transformation happening within the optical industry, Specsavers’ high-street stores are also increasingly working in conjunction with local NHS departments, acting as the first port of call for patients with eye care needs.

As a result, customer journeys within Specsavers’ stores can be complex, with customers needing to transition across different advisors for their pre-tests, sights-test, dispensing needs and more. To support such complex journeys, seamless and transparent staff processes are required.

Previously, the Specsavers stores used manual clipboards and pens to build a waitlist of customers waiting for their different services, but this method proved chaotic as it did not enable cross-department transitioning of customers, nor the required levels of visibility and communication. Staff members subsequently lost time and customers were stranded at different stages of the optical retail customer journey.

Within the Specsavers Plymouth store, where hundreds of customers are seen each day across two floors for different retail and clinical services, the problem was particularly impacting, leading to lost sales and suboptimal staff retention due to the increased stress of managing customers.

Specsavers Opticians Queue Management System Qudini

The Solution

The Specsavers business decided to deploy the Qudini queuing software and appointment software across its stores within the UK and Australia, choosing to work with Qudini as a flexible and service-oriented software provider with a highly scalable and flexible tool that could support their international store needs.

The Qudini software enables the Specsavers stores to seamlessly identify why customers are entering their store, thus ensuring they have the right journey and speak to the best advisors for their needs. This enables the stores, such as Specsavers Plymouth, to drive conversion, improve loyalty and better support customers with urgent eye care needs. In addition, the working environment within Specsavers’ stores has significantly improved team productivity and staff retention.


    The Specsavers sight-test, walk-in customer journey with Qudini Queue Management Software:

    • A meeter-greeter stands at the front of the store armed with Qudini queuing app on their tablet.
    • They greet every customer entering the store and find out their needs.
    • Once added to the queue app, the meeter-greeter advises the customer where to go and provides them with an accurate wait time estimate (e.g., A sight-test customer would be added to the sight-pre-test queue).
    • The customer can now relax in the waiting area or peruse the eyewear displays.
    • Using their desktops and tablets devices, colleagues across each department keep tabs on the wait-list customers and can easily call their next customer.
    • Once they complete their service, they are able to transfer the patient to the next queue for the next part of their journey (e.g., A sight-test customer would be added from the pre-test queue to the sight-test queue and thereafter to the eyewear dispense queue).
    • A colleague in the next department sees the customer on the wait-list and begins to serve them when the customer’s turn arises.
  • The Specsavers urgent eyecare walk-in customer journey with Qudini’s Queue Management System:

    • In the event that a customer enters the store with an urgent eyecare need, the meeter-greeter is able to handle them with greater urgency and more information.
    • An optometrist uses Qudini on their desktop to see and call forward the customer, enabling them to support those in need and refer them to a hospital if appropriate.


    Specsavers Optical Group is a British multinational optical retail chain, which operates more than 700 stores through a network of franchisee partners. They have deployed Qudini Retail Choreography solutions across their entire UK estate, including Qudini’s Queue Management System and Appointment Scheduling Software. The Specsavers Plymouth store (the subject of our case study video) is one of the business’ top performing stores.

    • When a customer returns to the store to collect their glasses, the meeter-greeter is able to add them into the collections queue.
    • This enables the staff member to prepare the customer’s glasses and call them forward for collection when ready.



    The Qudini Shop Floor Management features enable Specsavers’ store teams to manage their customers, colleagues and shop floor activities using their tablets and desktops. The system affords them greater visibility on team activities, helping to ensure customers are placed with the right colleague at the right time.


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  • Increased word of mouth

    Enhanced customer service has directly led to referrals.

    We’ve definitely seen an increase in customers purchasing products. Because the level of customer services are much improved, we are able to serve those patients in a better timescale, which makes not only the patients come back to us, but recommend us to friends and family.
    – Jacob Burns, Store Assistant Manager, Specsavers Plymouth

    Increased loyalty

    The improved customer experience and stronger relationships with the store team make customers more likely to return to the Specsavers store and provide positive feedback to friends and family.

    I am certain that Qudini helps improve customer loyalty. It helps us to identify why someone has come into our practice and allows us to offer them the best possible journey at the right place at the right time.
    – Josie Forte, Director, Specsavers Plymouth

  • Improved sales

    For some Specsavers stores, walk-outs have reduced and average transaction value has increased. Wait times have reduced in many stores, saving each store’s customers hours a month. The enhanced customer experience ensures customers stay for services, have more positive colleague interactions and have more time to choose eyewear, thus driving a greater number of customers to purchase eyewear at the end of their journey.

    Qudini has enabled us to have much more pleasant customer experience in the store and we can definitely see that we’ve had a percentage growth in terms of revenue. People are able to come in and complete their sight-tests a bit quicker, which means that they are more likely to stay with us and buy glasses.
    – Josie Forte, Director, Specsavers Plymouth

    Improved productivity

    Colleague efficiency has improved and some stores have additional hours per week to put to better use. Thanks to better visibility of store activities, improved communications across departments and less on-the-job stress (due to the improved customer experience), store teams have become far more productive.

    Qudini helps me in knowing with confidence where my patients are and that leaves me having less stress within my working day and that has made me perform better.
    – Val Collard, Lead Optometrist, Specsavers Plymouth

  • Right people, right place, right time

    Qudini enables the Specsavers store management teams to access data that allows them to better forecast their staff activities, while also providing a tool to better manage their staff and shop floor activities on the fly. As such, they can ensure the right people are allocated to the right places at the right time and are always serving the right customer.

    As a management team it’s a fantastic tool and we’re now able to see how long certain processes take within the store. That’s allowed us to coordinate how many members of the team we have for various different parts of the journey. That, in turn, has improved their customer service levels, reduced waiting times and added to the general ambience of being organised.
    – Josie Forte, Director, Specsavers Plymouth


    Increased employee retention

    Improved staff processes and communication coupled with a calmer store environment improves the morale of Specsavers’ store teams, encouraging them to stay within the Specsavers’ family and perform to their best.

    The main benefits of Qudini are that it vastly improves customer service in the store and improves staff morale. We’ve improved sales and it just improves the overall store performance. Happier customers equal happier staff and vice-versa. So we’ve certainly seen the benefits of that.
    – Jacob Burns, Assistant Store Manager, Specsavers Plymouth

  • Improved commercial decisions

    The Qudini Business Intelligence Dashboards provide Specsavers’ head office with insights that help them make smarter decisions on stocking, marketing and resource planning.


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