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How Qudini works with NatWest RBS to strengthen its omni-channel customer offering, enabling its customers to connect with the retail bank across any channel at the times that suit them.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is a large banking and financial service company. It owns large retail and commercial bank brands RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank and operates a large branch footprint across the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.



As a retail bank looking to grow its customer base and transform its customer proposition, RBS has been delivering a variety of new services options that enable its customers to access the advice and support that they need across a variety of different channels at the times that suit them. Its new services include:

Community Bankers: Whereby personal bankers go out to meet customers within local communities without branch presences in order to support their financial needs.

With these new service offerings becoming a significant part of the RBS/NatWest/Ulster Bank omni-channel strategy, the popular retail bank needed a way to drive traffic to its offering by enabling customers to seamlessly access new services and to enable colleagues to easily manage and migrate their customers across their various channels and customer journeys. In addition: RBS has been transforming its branch experience, in order to provide a more seamless and digital customer experience that ensures every customer gets the support they need and can easily migrate across the bank’s online and offline channels.

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RBS / NatWest began working with Qudini to strengthen its omni-channel offering in order to improve the customer experience by increasing access to its service offerings in-branch, with community bankers and through video bankers.

For Video Bankers, NatWest now uses the Qudini appointment booking software in order to enable its customers using the NatWest website to easily click a button in order to view the video banker’s availability and to make an appointment. Qudini confirms and reminds appointments by SMS and email, helping to reduce no-shows.

For Community Bankers, NatWest also uses the Qudini appointment booking software to enable Community Bankers and the branch colleagues to seamlessly schedule appointments for customers at a future date and location.

For both the video bankers and community bankers, the Qudini software sends customers confirmation and reminder SMS and email messages, helping to ensure they know when and where they are meant to be for their appointment. Whilst the NatWest teams now have access to an intuitive calendar interface, where they can schedule and manage appointments alongside other activities.

Within branches, NatWest uses the Qudini queuing system and appointment check-in. A meeter-greeter with a tablet greets customers entering the branch and adds their details to a digital queue, providing them with an estimated wait-time and encouraging them to wait comfortably in the waiting room for their turn, upon which the customer will receive a text to alert them of their turn. If the wait is long, customers are offered the opportunity to leave the branch to use their wait productively. They will then receive text messages as their turn nears.

NatWest Video Banking Solution Image
  • Video Banking & Telephony Appointment Bookings have doubled

    Now that it’s so seamless for customers to make an appointment at any time of day online or via a community banker, the number of bookings made have doubled.

  • 28% reduction in missed appointments

    Now that customers have control over their selected appointment time and are reminded in advance, there are fewer no-show. This reduces time wasted for the NatWest colleagues

  • Improved staff productivity

    The increased appointment volumes, reduced number of no-shows and seamless-to-use software enables the community bankers and remote personal bankers to serve more customers and to undertake more tasks.

  • Improved customer access to RBS/NatWest service

    Qudini’s software improves customer accessibility to the NatWest video banking and telephony services and enables the retail bank to truly differentiate its multi-channel customer offering.

  • More customers served and converted

    Now that booking volumes have increased and no-shows have reduced, NatWest is able to support and convert more customers.

  • Improved branch customer experience

    Customers love the Qudini system. The waiting experience is much calmer and more informed, ensuring that customers feel cared for.

  • Increased advocacy

    Customers using the Qudini software share their experience. One customer waited in-branch using Qudini and enjoyed the waiting experience so much that they encouraged their partner to open a NatWest account. They thought the service was the best experience they had seen within a bank.

  • Branch Walkouts have reduced by 10%

    Customers are more informed and updated whilst they wait. If the wait is long, they are able to leave the branch and return later. This has reduced the number of customers walking out without service.

  • Increased branch sales

    The reduced walkout rate in branch ensures more customers are served. This, alongside the ability for NatWest colleagues to greet customers, and understand their query to match them to the right colleagues to provide a better service, ensures that sales are increased.

  • 50% increase in mobile app downloads

    As part of a more digital conversation and process, NatWest colleagues are now able to encourage more customers to download the NatWest mobile app.

  • Access to data

    NatWest head office teams now have access to data that helps them to better understand their footfall and customer needs, in order to improve resource planning, plus sales and marketing activities.

  • Improved Omni-Channel Journeys  – Using Qudini

    Within its branch and across its community banker and video banker services enables NatWest to more seamlessly migrate customers to its other omni-channel offerings in order to increase its touch points within the bank branch and to ensure ultimate conversion.

  • Improved in-branch Efficiency and Resource Allocation

    Qudini helps the branch team to know its customer volumes and staff activities in order to work more efficiently and to better allocate resources.

  • More Video Banker Appointments made

    NatWest uses Qudini appointment bookings for its video banking and community banker services, connecting these journeys enables it to drive more traffic to its Video Banking services.


  • “Qudini for us is an opportunity to serve our customers better across all channels and to give the customer choice of when and where to speak with the bank.”
    Annamaria Jatta | Innovation and Strategy Leader, NatWest
  • “Since Qudini bookings have increased. All with customers who have a need for their appointment and this has increased our show rate, which reduces the time wasted for customers who don’t show up”
    Manager of Video Banking | NatWest

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