Officeworks Virtual Queuing Software Case Study

Case Study


Officeworks, one of Australia’s largest office supplies retail brands, partnered with Qudini to implement our Retail Choreography solutions across its portfolio of stationery and printing stores.

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reduction in walk-outs due to the improved waiting experience

The challenge

Officeworks offer print services within their stores, enabling customers to print and copy documents and photographs. As part of a drive to create new ‘stores of the future’, they recently implemented new dwell spaces within their stores, including seating areas, workbenches and free coffee, which they hoped customers would use when their print and copy services were busy. Meanwhile, the retailer also wanted a tool that enabled them to capture customer feedback on their in-store experience.

Officeworks decided to use Qudini’s Queue Management System as it was the most flexible, hardware agnostic and out-of-box software on the global market.

The Print and Copy Customer Journey

• Customers enter the store and head to the print and copy desk

• Using a tablet kiosk, they select their desired service (e.g. print, pick-up prints or speak to a colleague) and are added to a digital queue

• Once added to the queue, the kiosk presents the customer with their queue position and estimated wait time

• The customer’s name appears on a TV screen above the counter

• Customers who gave their mobile numbers will receive a confirmation text message with their position number and a link to watch their place in the queue

• When it is the customers turn, the TV updates and the customer receives an SMS message.


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  • Increased retention and sales

    Walk-outs have dropped by 37% due to the improved waiting experience, leading to more customers receiving service.

    Improved experience and use of dwell spaces

    The relaxed waiting experience allows customers to browse the store and use the dwell spaces whilst they wait.

  • Improved loyalty and word of mouth

    The improved customer experience has encouraged more customers to return to store more frequently and tell their friends. This has driven future revenue for the business beyond the customer’s initial visit.

    Better resource allocation

    Qudini enables the office supplies retailer to better understand their footfall patterns and store operations. As such, the retailer has improved its resource planning and now allocates the appropriate hours and staff to its print and copy services.

  • Improved store productivity

    Store associates have more time to spend on services, as they no longer have to waste time managing waiting customers.


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