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O2 is the commercial brand of Telefonica UK Limited and is a leading digital communications company with the highest customer satisfaction of any mobile provider in the UK, according to Ofcom. O2 has almost 500 UK stores, over 2,500 employees and more than 23 million customers, and has utilized Qudini’s virtual queue management software and retail appointment scheduling software to create an even more powerful customer experience.

No. of stores
500 UK
No. of employees
No. of customers
23 million
Walkout reduction
Grater floor efficiency
Conversion opportunity

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What our clients say

The challenge

As O2 is continuously looking to evolve its customer experience, it has employed ‘concierge’ store associates to greet and assist customers as they enter its stores.

Previously, these concierges used clipboards to manage customers requesting service, which could easily become scruffy and provided little visibility on customer or store associate activities.

Concierges were unable to provide customers with accurate waiting times, causing some customers to become frustrated and walk out without service. The customers that were most likely to walk out were those wanting to sign up to contracts rather than existing customers asking for assistance, meaning O2 was losing significant revenue opportunity every year.

The O2 team wanted a solution that had the ability to better manage operations at the point of entry and provide accurate data on wait times to meet customers’ needs.

How Qudini helped reduce walkouts by 62%
o2 Store in Oxford Circus UK

The solution

O2 deployed the Qudini Retail Choreography Suite ‘meeter-greeter’ app across its 487 UK stores, allowing store concierges to use the Qudini Queue Management System and Shop Floor Management features to better service and retain customers entering the store.

  • Creating a superior customer experience

    • The store concierge greets customers entering the store and adds them into the Qudini queue management app.
    • The queue app provides customers with accurate wait time estimates.
    • Customers receive SMS updates as their turn draws near and a weblink to watch their place.
    • Customers are able to wait in a relaxed environment, and are notified when it’s their turn.
  • Superior shop floor operations

    Using the Qudini Shop Floor Management features, store associates are able to manage walk-in and appointment customers, communicate with their team members and organize shop floor activities using Qudini on their devices. Shop floor managers have greater visibility of their teams by easily managing and recording shifts and breaks.

  • Virtual queuing during Covid-19

    O2 is using Qudini’s queuing app to allow walk-in customers wanting service to enter a virtual queue via a store associate at the front of the store. Customers enter a queue, where they receive a position number, wait time estimate and weblink to track their progress. When their turn arises, customers are alerted via SMS and can then enter the store to receive service. This ensures the number of customers in-store at one time is kept at a minimum, and the amount of time indoors is also reduced.


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  • Increased sales

    Thanks to a 62% reduction in walk-outs, the store team have the opportunity to convert an additional £29 million p/a worth of potential new contract customers.

    Better resource allocation

    The improved shop floor operations, driven by the Qudini software and the footfall insights that Qudini provides, has enabled O2 to better allocate their resources to the right times and locations saving them significant cost and driving more than a 1,000% ROI on the cost of Qudini.

  • More productive shop floor

    Staff transaction times have reduced by 27%, with Qudini ensuring that more positive and productive conversations take place in less time. Providing the shop floor team with more time allows them to serve more customers and undertake more tasks.

    “Without Qudini, I would feel a lot less in control than I do right now. But I know exactly what is going on in my store and it helps me lead my team a lot better and it gives me the time to be able to do that.”

    Store Manager, O2 UK

    Improved customer loyalty and advocacy

    O2’s NPS Fan scores have been at an all-time high since using Qudini, thanks to the improved waiting experience, better customer service and enhanced opportunity to engage with the O2 brand whilst they wait for service.

    “It’s something that we kind of show off to a customer and say “look, here you go, why don’t you enter your name in”, and it creates that little bit of trust that “oh, my name is captured on a system.”

    Shane Popat. O2, Store Leader

  • Smarter commercial decisions

    The O2 head office now has access to invaluable business intelligence analytics on their stores’ footfall, performance and operations, helping to improve sales and efficiency across their entire estate.

    Improved competitive advantage

    With telcos typically losing footfall to competitors due to in-store waits for service, having an improved waiting experience ensures O2 can not only retain customers, but even capture those walking out of their competitors’ stores.

  • Increased staff retention

    The improved in-store atmosphere and team collaboration reduces stress and improves morale for the store colleagues making them more likely to remain in store. This reduces O2’s spend on recruiting and training colleagues.

    Reduced consulting costs

    Before Qudini, the O2 business intelligence team invested in consultants to undertake mystery shopping activities, time and motion studies and exit surveys across their stores. At the time, this was essential to being able to understand their store operations and customer experience. Now, they have all the data they need within Qudini on an ongoing basis, saving them £200k a year that would otherwise be spent on consultants. These insights can be used internally or provided to consultants to make faster and more meaningful changes across their business.

  • Safe and engaging customer experience

    Instead of waiting in a physical queue, customers can wait virtually from their cars or in the area, keeping them safe and saving them time.

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