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Nike uses Qudini Appointment Scheduling Software to power its express shopping service and Qudini Virtual Wait Line Management Software to safely manage walk in customers.

This software is helping to drive sales, improve customer loyalty and increase foot traffic to its stores.

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The challenge

After the initial COVID-19 lockdown that took place throughout Q1-Q2 of 2020, Nike was investigating ways to create a safe and engaging customer journey in its stores. The retailer wanted its customers to be able to arrive at stores and easily purchase products without having to spend time searching for them. To power this journey, they needed an innovative, dynamic and adaptable Appointment Booking System…

The solution

By partnering with Qudini, Nike successfully reopened its stores and created a safe, engaging and efficient customer journey. Customers are able to visit its website or scan a QR code in store to reserve an express shopping service. This service enables customers to visit a store at a fixed time and to provide a list of their required items to a store colleague who will locate the items for them, ensuring a highly efficient and premium shopping experience that drives sales and loyalty.

  • Nike also allows customers to scan a QR code to join a virtual line outside all its outlet stores. Once in the virtual line, customers are able to watch their place and will receive SMS updates as their turn draws near. Meanwhile, the store team can manage their customers and store occupancy.

  • Since then, Nike has rolled out the Qudini Appointment Booking System on a global scale and is powering numerous consumer journeys.

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  • Increased customer satisfaction

    Customers have a much more pleasant and safer waiting experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

    Increased sales

    Customers are able to easily browse in stores and receive support, meaning they’re more likely to convert.

  • Higher customer loyalty

    Customers are drawn into stores or online channels by safe, engaging and seamless customer journeys, resulting in them coming back again and again.


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