NatWest Appointment Scheduling Software Case Study

Case Study


In 2018, NatWest adopted Qudini’s appointment scheduling software within key locations across the branch network to enable their retail banking customers to get in touch with the bank in ways and times that suited them.


Individual Use Case Videos

  • Video Banker / Telephony Appointments
  • In-Branch Walk-in Management
  • Community Banking Appointment Scheduling

The Objective

One of the main objectives for NatWest was to improve the customer experience, and increase access to community bankers, who visit customers at home and within the community. It allows community bankers and branch colleagues to schedule future appointments for preferred dates and locations through an intuitive calendar interface.

Why Qudini?

Qudini’s appointment booking software sends confirmation and reminder text and email messages, helping to ensure customers know when and where their appointment will take place.

Branch colleagues can add customer details to a digital queue using the queuing system, which provides an estimated wait-time. They have the option to sit comfortably in the waiting area, or if wait times are longer than usual, customers can leave the branch and be alerted by text message when their appointment time is due.

All of these additional features allow NatWest to put customers first, and make appointment booking simple and convenient.


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