Case Study:

Enabling Lenovo to demo its latest smartphone to more customers attending the IFA trade show for consumer electronics.

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company with global headquarters. It designs, develops, manufactures and sells personal computers, tablet computers, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, IT management software, and smart televisions.


The IFA trade show for consumer electronics in Berlin coincided with the launch of Lenovo’s latest smartphone and AR product. As a result, the company expected significant traffic to its stand. Customers would be able to view and demo the latest Lenovo devices and talk to a Lenovo representative. Lenovo was concerned that this would cause queues and overcrowding, so wanted to find a technology solution to support its stand experience.

Queue Challenge


Lenovo worked with Qudini’s Virtual Queuing System to improve the event experience.

During IFA, visitors wishing to experience the Lenovo stand could join a digital queue from a touchscreen kiosk or via a host positioned at the stand entrance.

The visitor would then receive a text message to confirm their queue position and estimated wait time.

Visitors were then able to relax and explore the rest of IFA whilst they waited. Customer could even watch their queue position countdown from the weblink on their smartphone. When it was nearly their turn, the customer received a text message to let them know.

Staff on the Lenovo stand were able to use Qudini on the latest Motorola smartphone. Using these devices, staff could see the queue of waiting customers and mark which customer they were serving.

Lenovo Solution Image


  • 3,000

    Visitors were added to the digital queue to discuss Lenovo’s latest product over the course of the two-day show

  • 20 minutes

    Service with an advisor took around 20 minutes, ensuring customers were able to get the service they needed

  • Reduced crowding

    With Qudini, visitors did not have to stand in a physical queue, ensuring the stand was easy to move around

  • Increased staff efficiency

    Ensuring no physical queue reduced pressure on the staff. This freed them up to focus on customer service and make sales

  • High customer retention

    Because visitors did not have to stand in a physical queue, more customers joined the queue and very few abandoned their wait

  • More customers seen

    The increased staff efficiency and high customer retention rates ensured Lenovo got to demonstrate its new product to more customers.


  • “The process was very streamlined and not having a physical queue reduced the pressure on our team members. This enabled us to focus on customer service.”
    Adrian | Lenovo
  • “It felt like things moved faster and we saw a lot more customers than expected.”
    Adrian | Lenovo

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