Qudini improves LACMAs James Turrell Exhibition Experience

Case Study:

Enabling the LA Country Museum of Art to improve visitor experience and increase their gift shop sales with Qudini Queuing System

Situated in Los Angeles, California USA, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Art Museum holds a distinguished collection of Asian, Islamic, medieval, Latin American, European, and modern art.


In 2015, LACMA implemented an art exhibition of James Turrell’s experiential light works. The ‘Breathing Light’ or ‘Ganzfeld’ exhibition is a thought provoking and atmospheric exhibition, and in order to create a calm, contemplative and spacious atmosphere only eight visitors are allowed inside the exhibition every 10 minutes.

With these time constraints, and predicted popularity of the exhibition, LACMA was concerned about the possibility of very long, mundane and uninspiring queues.



LACMA Museum began working with the Qudini Queuing System to ensure a seamless queuing experience from the exhibitions launch date:

1. An iPad kiosk was placed by the LACMA ticket office and customers wanting to visit the exhibition were invited to enter their name and mobile number to join a virtual queue.

2. Customers received a confirmation SMS with their estimated exhibition entry time, as well as an interactive live countdown link. This changed to several bright colours to match the theme of the ‘Breathing Light’ exhibition.

3. Just before the customer’s entrance time they received an SMS telling them to go to the entrance and provide their name to a member of staff with a tablet.


  • 3,550

    Hours given back to the exhibition’s visitors whilst they wait

  • $49K

    Monthly increase in gift shop sales now that customers can browse the gift shop whilst they wait to enter the exhibition

  • Increase upsell

    Ticket staff enabling customers to join the Ganzfeld queue were able to upsell tickets to other exhibitions for the customer to visit whilst they wait for their turn

  • Increase word of mouth

    When customers told their friends about the exhibition they talk about the fantastic experience and many customer returned again due to the easy waiting experience


  • “It’s introduced a tremendous change and it’s a great revolution on how an exhibition can be experienced. Qudini is part of the exhibition. It’s equally as important as the exhibition itself. The individuality that Qudini provides is immeasurable.”
    Alex Valenzuela | Technology Representative LACMA
  • “After sign-up I often see customers saying how cool the system is. Customers are surprised that it can be so easy, even the elderly!”
    Alex Valenzuela | Technology Representative LACMA

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