Situated in Los Angeles, California, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) holds a distinguished collection of Asian, Islamic, medieval, Latin American, European, and modern art.

monthly average increase in gift shop sales.

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The challenge

In 2015, LACMA held an exhibition on James Turrell’s experiential light works. The ‘Breathing Light’ or ‘Ganzfeld’ exhibition was a thought-provoking and atmospheric exhibition that required particular conditions: only eight visitors were allowed inside every 10 minutes in order to create a calm, contemplative and spacious atmosphere.

With these time constraints and the predicted popularity of the exhibition, LACMA was concerned about the possibility of very long, mundane and uninspiring queues.

The solution

LACMA began working with Qudini to ensure a seamless queuing experience from the exhibition’s launch date.

The customer journey

• LACMA placed an iPad kiosk next to the ticket office. Customers wanting to visit the exhibition were invited to enter their name and mobile number to join a virtual queue.

• Customers received a confirmation SMS with their estimated entry time, as well as an interactive live countdown link. This changed to several bright colours to match the theme of the ‘Breathing Light’ exhibition.

• Just before the customer’s entry time, they received an SMS telling them to go to the entrance and provide their name to a member of staff with a tablet.


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  • Increased sales

    The improved waiting experience and increased efficiency enabled the museum to sell more exhibition tickets and process more visitors in less time.

    Increased gift shop sales

    With so many customers free to wait around the museum, most of them would visit the LACMA gift shop, leading to $49k of additional monthly gift shop sales.

  • Increase upsell

    Ticket staff were able to upsell tickets to other exhibitions whilst customers waited to see the James Turrell exhibition.

    Returning customers

    The digital queue was often over three hours long, yet no customer had to wait in a physical line for more than 10 minutes. With such a pain-free waiting experience, LACMA saw many customers returning to the exhibition on multiple occasions.

  • Sales boosted by word of mouth

    Customers told friends and family about the fantastic waiting experience increasing footfall to the exhibition.

    Reduced resource requirements

    Previously, multiple staff were required to manage the queue to ensure customers did not block fire exits. With Qudini, one guard with a tablet was sufficient.


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