John Lewis

Case Study:

Enabling John Lewis to serve more customers, increase sales and grow customer loyalty within their Children’s shoe department

John Lewis Partnership is a well known UK retail brand, operating 45 John Lewis departments stores, 342 Waitrose supermarkets, alongside an online and catalogue business.



John Lewis’s children’s shoes department was experiencing a high volume of parents and children visiting the stores to buy school clothes and shoes before the start of the new school year. Parents were frustrated whilst waiting to be seen and were leaving due to the wait. Staff were trying to manage the queue through a cupboard and pen system, but were losing track of who was next and how long the wait time would be.

Queue Challenge


The children’s shoe department in John Lewis’ Kingston store, installed Qudini’s Digital Queue Management platform. And this meant busy parents could leave their mobile number with John Lewis staff and receive an SMS message confirming their approximate wait time, with a weblink to a live countdown.

It meant customers could leave the department and continue shopping in John Lewis, with the knowledge they would be notified by text with a time they would be seen and even who would be seeing them.

Staff were able to manage customers requirements, have full visibility of all the customers in the queue and could assign available staff as needed, all through the Qudini platform.

The system was even mentioned on BBC Radio 5 Live by Eleanor Oldroyd. In the clip she explains how the experience was great and they shopped whilst they waited.


  • 76% Increase

    in the number of customers served, now that more customers were willing to wait, the waiting experience was improved and staff were more efficient. This lead to greater sales.

  • £150 K increase

    in potential revenue per store per annum as a result of the increased volumes of customers served.

  • Increased retention:

    more customers were willing to wait for service, delighted to know they could go away and browse and not lose their place.

  • Increased spend:

    whilst customers waited they went to browse other departments and many returned for their shoe fitting with purchases they made whilst they waited.

  • Increased footfall:

    more customers approached the calmer department for service.

  • Improved customer service:

    partners were able to improve the service they provided to customers.

  • Increased efficiency:

    a calmer department improved partner efficiency, due to fewer customers asking about their turn as they tried to serve their current customers.

  • Greater stock availability:

    staff had more time to put away shoes between appointments, and this improved sales by ensuing greater stock availability was on display and in the stockroom.


  • “It takes the hell out of shopping!”
    Customer | John Lewis
  • “ Customer feedback was very positive overall. The easy-to-use system improved the queue management process for our Partners, making the operation slick and easy, and allowing them to focus on providing the best customer experience possible.”
    Simon Russell | Director Retail Operations

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