Case Study:

Enabling House of Fraser to increase their buy and collect sales and improve customer experience with Qudini In-store Click and Collect System.

Increase customer satisfaction by 40%.

Increase unplanned purchasing, now the customers can browse whilst they wait.

Double warehouse staff productivity, now that they can prepare multiple orders at once.


  • “Qudini offers an innovative and engaging service-led tool which has allowed us to evolve and differentiate our Buy & Collect proposition in our stores.”
    Andy Harding | Executive Director of Multi-Channel
  • “The System makes us feel more professional, and it definitely improves customer perception of the brand by making us look more organised.”
    Counter HOF | Glasgow
  • “It’s a great system. Very smart. I expected to be waiting much longer”
    Customer | House of Fraser

Client Profile

House of Fraser is a UK-based multi-channel department store. It is the third largest department store chain in the UK with 61 stores located in towns, city centres and regional shopping centre locations.


House of Fraser’s fast-growing Buy & Collect service has been driving significant footfall into their stores and creating great opportunities for ‘add on sales’. But with most customers coming into stores during the same peak hours of the day, House of Fraser was experiencing operational challenges.

Click and Collect


Qudini Click and Collect Check-in was deployed into House of Fraser Buy & Collect departments in 2015. They selected Qudini as the only provider that offered a bespoke staff interface to support the click and collect process and because of the company’s flexibility and energy in collaborating together.

  • How Qudini helped improve the CX at House of Fraser
  • How Qudini helped House of Fraser improve its instore customer experience


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    Improved customer experience

    Wait times reduced by 65% and customer satisfaction increased by 40%, creating a significantly improved customer experience.

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    20% increase in unplanned purchases

    Now that customers are able to browse the store whilst they wait to collect their order.

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    Staff productivity doubled

    Qudini enables the warehouse team to reduce trips to and from the counter by preparing multiple customers orders at once. They are now able to prepare double the number of orders per hour.

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    Improved loyalty

    Customers have returned more frequently to use the Buy & Collect service at the stores using Qudini.

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    500% return on investment

    House of Fraser has reaped the rewards of 500% ROI through increased sales and improved staff productivity.


  • “Qudini offers an innovative and engaging service-led tool, which has allowed us to evolve and differentiate our Buy & Collect proposition in some of our London stores. Customer feedback has been very positive so far. The Qudini team has been fantastic at working with us to ensure our trial launched smoothly.”

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  • “Qudini offers an innovative and engaging service­-led tool which has allowed us to evolve and differentiate our Buy & Collect proposition in some of our London stores.”

    Read more >

  • It is also working with start-up, Qudini, which provides a digital queueing solution to improve the customer satisfaction.

    “For us the journey we’ve been on has been enlightening,” said Harding. “We used to speak about putting the customer first, but we were not really delivering. It’s much easier to talk the talk, and it is much harder to walk the walk, and I think that’s where we are now.”

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