Case Study:

Enabling grocery retailers to:

Improve business productivity now that employees get IT support faster without waiting.

Increase digital skills across the business by making IT support and workshops easier to access.

Improve business hardware device decisions through valuable business insights on technology.


  • “The Qudini system is great. It can do so much and really has helped us get to know our colleagues. The Tech Bar hosted a supplier conference and Vodafone loved the kiosk.”
    Project Owner | Grocery Retailer HQ

Client Profile

Our client owns a large chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. It operates over 1,200 stores ranging from convenience formats to supermarkets and mixed-use developments.


Ensuring that their employees are consistently using high-performing technology devices is essential to the grocery retailer’s business. Previously, the grocery retailer’s IT support would help individual employees requesting help by email. However, in recent years, the grocery retailer has built a central IT support hub within their head office location, known as the ‘tech bar’.

The tech bar enables employees to bring their devices for support, care and repairs as needed, driving a more digital workplace by making IT support easier to access. However, employees wanting to use the grocery retailer’s tech bar had to walk in and wait for service, adversely impacting their productivity and satisfaction. The process also impacted the speed and efficiency of the tech bar, who had to spend time managing employee expectations. This had negative repercussions for company productivity, as devices were not repaired as quickly as they could have been.

Repair Challenge


To support the tech bar, the head office IT team and all employees within the business, the grocery retailer deployed the Qudini Appointment Booking Software, Event Management software and Queue Management system. They selected Qudini for its highly flexible, ultra-compatible, out-of-box software and for the company’s credibility as an enterprise supplier.



The appointment booking experience:
• The grocery retailer’s head office’s employees can book a tech bar appointment on the company intranet.
• An SMS and email confirm the appointment.
• A reminder SMS and email are sent the day before the appointment.
• When the employees arrive at the tech bar, they sign-in and are greeted by a Tech Bar team member straight away.
• The IT teams are able to seamlessly manage their availability and bookings using Qudini’s intuitive interfaces.

The walk-in journey:
• Employees walking up to the tech bar, wanting to see the next available advisor, can join a digital queue from a tablet kiosk.
• The kiosk confirms their queue position and estimated wait time.
• A digital TV screen in the waiting area shows the employee’s position in the queue for service.
• If the employee entered their mobile number, they receive an SMS message with a link to a website to watch their place.
• The employee is free to use their wait productively in the waiting area or the head office café.
• When their turn arises, they receive an SMS letting them know.
• The employee returns to the tech bar waiting room and finds a tech bar team member.



The event journey:
• To help employees learn how best to use their devices and software, the tech bar hosts workshops and training sessions.
• Employees can access an online interface via the grocery retailer’s intranet in order to discover and book the upcoming events.
• Once booked, the employee receives a confirmation SMS and email, as well as reminder messages.
• The Tech Bar team are able to use Qudini to create and manage their upcoming events and attendees.


The Qudini Shop Floor Management features enable the grocery retailer’s tech bar team to manage their walk-ins, appointments and event customers alongside their team’s time, activities, breaks and tasks. This enables them to improve productivity through better efficiency, resource allocation and communication across the tech bar.


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    Increased business productivity

    99% of employees added to the tech bar queue are served, with 1,500 people seen per month. Wait times have also reduced by 47%. The system enables the tech bar to support more employees in less time without unproductive waiting time, thus improving productivity across the grocery retailer’s business.

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    Improved Tech Bar productivity

    Qudini enables the tech bar to seamlessly serve 1,500 people per month by automatically managing expectations and communicating with people about their turn.

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    Improved employee retention

    The Qudini software makes it easier for the grocery retailer’s employees to access the tech bar when they need support. This not only increases productivity but reduces workplace stress as they finish their work on time.

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    Reduced business technology costs

    Qudini now provides the grocery retailer’s head office with data on its device issues and support needs, alongside employee interactions with its tech bar. This has enabled the retailer to improve performance, optimise IT team resource allocation and analyse its device selection strategy.

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    Improved digital skills across the business

    Qudini makes the tech bar support and events more accessible. This means that more employees are using the service and building digital skills that power the grocery retailer’s business.

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