Our client is an international brand that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories online and through large retail outlets. They have recently been rolling out smaller-format stores in city centres to build relationships with more customers. The furniture retailer partnered with Qudini to deploy our Retail Choreography solutions across its portfolio of stores.  

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The challenge

Our client has been opening experiential small-format stores across the UK to serve as locations where their customers can experience their home furnishing offering and place orders.

Order and Collect Challenges

Most items purchased in these city centre stores need to be ordered in advance and collected at a later date. Initially, when a customer came to collect their order, the collection desk staff had to go to the warehouse to collect the item, reducing productivity and increasing customer wait times. Customers were also required to wait in a physical queue before they could request their order. This prevented them from browsing, making further purchases or taking advantage of the in-store café.

Request Assistance Challenges

The retailers new format stores include immersive kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room displays that enable customers to experience and interact with the home furnishing offerings. Resourcing every display full-time was not needed. However, when a customer did need to speak to someone about the display they were viewing, it was not always easy to find a staff member. Furthermore, stores had no way of capturing data on customer interests unless a sale was made.

Our client deployed the Qudini Queue Management system to improve the store collection experience and enable customers to seamlessly request staff help from within their interactive product displays:

The customer journey

In-store collection experience:

• Customers enter the store wanting to place or collect an order
• They enter their request at the check-in kiosk by the collection desks
• The store’s shop floor manager also has the Qudini Host App on a tablet to check customers in
• Once added, the kiosk confirms the customer’s queue position
• Those that added their mobile number receive a text message with their queue position and link to a website where they can watch their place in the queue
• Customers are free to browse the store or visit the store café until called by a staff member when their turn arises
• Warehouse staff use a tablet to see the list of customers waiting for collections. As such, they can prepare multiple orders at once, reducing their trips to and from the stockroom.

  • Car park collections:

    • To make the collection process seamless in their London shopping mall store, customers are even able to check-in from the car park, thus preventing the need to carry their goods through the shopping center.

    Request Assistance from the immersive product displays:

    • Our client placed self-service check-in kiosks within their immersive home furnishing displays (including areas with heavy footfall or blind spots that were hard for staff members to see)
    • Customers press a button on the screen and enter their name (and phone number) if they want to speak to a sales representative
    • The kiosk confirms the customer’s queue position and wait time
    • The kiosk tells the customer to go to a meeting point to speak to the concierge/host who understands their exact needs
    • The customer is then free to browse the store
    • When a staff member becomes available, the customer receives an SMS with the staff member’s name included.

    Shop floor management

    Using the Qudini Shop Floor Management features, the store staff are able to manage customers, team members and shop floor activities using Qudini on their tablet devices. Staff members taking their breaks speak to the shop floor manager who can record their break and manage when they are due to return. The shop floor operation is more efficient thanks to better use of colleague time, greater visibility and team communication.


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  • Increased unplanned purchases

    70% of customers will browse the store whilst they wait and 24% will make a purchase. This drives more than a 4,000% ROI for the brand.

    Increased café sales

    5% of customers said they visited the in-store café to buy a refreshment whilst they waited to collect their order. This provides the retailer with a two-fold return on the cost of Qudini from just café sales alone.

  • Increased sales conversion

    By enabling customers to seamlessly request assistance within their home displays, the brand is able to speak to and convert more customers.

    Increased customer loyalty

    79% of collection customers felt they had waited less time than they had. By improving the collection experience and enabling more customers to get the advice they need, Qudini improves customer experience, boosting the customer’s chances of returning and giving positive feedback to their friends.

  • Increased shop floor productivity

    Store colleagues no longer need to monitor the click and collect counter, as Qudini alerts them as soon as they are needed. This frees up their time to work on other tasks across the shop floor.

    Better resource allocation

    Qudini provides the head office with unique insights on footfall trends and customer needs, allowing them to put the team in the right places at the right time.

  • Increased collection speed

    Qudini reduces the number of trips that store staff make to and from the warehouse, enabling them to serve every customer more than a minute faster.

    Improved commercial decisions

    The head office now have access to rich insights on their customer patterns and needs. This enables them to make smarter commercial decisions on marketing initiatives, stock planning and resource planning.


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