Case Study:

Enabling Fujitsu to drive footfall to its trade show stand, ensure a professional and premium experience and to capture more leads with Qudini Appointment Booking Software and Queuing System.

Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It has a UK team dedicated to delivering innovation for enterprise retailers. Qudini works in partnership with Fujitsu to deliver our innovative solutions to retail, telco, hospitality and the financial services industries.


Fujitsu had exciting plans for an experiential stand at the UK’s Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE). Retailers would be able to talk to its team and experience Fujitsu’s latest technology offerings and partner products, including a VR climbing wall.

With Fujitsu’s retail partners inviting  their clients to tour the stand in advance of the show, the company needed a way to seamlessly accept and manage bookings, in addition to managing visitors walking onto the stand for a tour or to use the VR headset experience.


The Fujitsu marketing team used the Qudini Appointment Booking Software to manage the stand tours.

The software enabled them to create a Fujitsu-branded online appointment booking interface.

This enabled visitors to select a preferred time for a stand tour. Having completed their booking, visitors were sent a confirmation email, alongside a reminder SMS message 10 minutes before their visit to the stand was due.

Fujitsu had a reception desk at the front of the stand, where visitors were instructed to check-in for their appointment.

Fujitsu staff could access Qudini on tablets, view upcoming appointments and check-in guests. This would alert the relevant Fujitsu retail partner when its client had arrived.

Fujitsu also used the Qudini Queuing System to manage visitors walking onto the stand without an appointment for either a tour or to use the VR headset experience.

A host with a tablet device simply took the names and mobile numbers of visitors interested in using the experience.

This sent the visitor a text to confirm their queue position and estimated wait time.

The visitor was then free to browse the rest of the Fujitsu stand. When their turn was due, they received a further text message.

Stand Tour Solution Image


  • Right team members at the right time

    Enabling client and prospective clients to pre-book stand tours enabled the Fujitsu team to pre-allocate the most relevant retail partner and to alert them when the client arrived.

  • Premium and professional experience

    Enabling retail professionals to pre-book stand tours and check-in on arrival, presented an organised and professional Fujitsu experience from the outset.

  • Traffic driven to the stand

    The online appointment booking link was placed at the bottom of the retail partners’ email signatures and used in all email marketing campaigns around Fujitsu’s attendance to the show. This helped retailers to easily book their experience and visit the stand.

  • Lead Capture

    Using Qudini to manage walk-ups for stand tours and the VR experience, acted as a great lead capture tool. The lead’s name, company, email address and mobile number were added to Qudini to communicate with them about their turn. At the end of the show, Fujitsu was able to export all the lead details.


  • “Qudini enabled us to create a more professional stand experience that helped retailers to plan their visit to our stand and to provide a more premium and organised experience when they arrived”
    Sarah Paul | Head of Marketing Fujitsu
  • “Qudini enabled us to see and communicate with more people and to capture additional leads and their contact details at the show”
    Rupal | Managing Director for Retail, Fujitsu

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