Case Study:

Enabling Electronics Retail to:

Increase upsell, now that customers can opt to speak to someone about their purchase.

Increase unplanned purchasing, with 62% of customers browsing and purchasing as they wait.

Double warehouse staff productivity, now that they can prepare multiple orders at once.


  • “The warehouse are getting orders faster and not having to call out for customers”
    Colleague | Electronics Retailer
  • “Customers are aware of their wait time and do a lot of browsing whilst waiting”
    Colleague | Electronics Retailer

Client Profile

Qudini works with a leading electronics retailer who operates a network of stores where customers can purchase electronic devices and white goods. Products can be purchased in-store or through click and collect services that enable the customer to place their order online and collect in-store.


Our electronics retail client enables customers using their website to purchase or reserve products that they will later collect in-store.

Previously, customers visiting the store to collect their items would visit a dedicated desk and provide their order number to a colleague who would then go to the warehouse to retrieve the item and bring it out to the customer. In peak periods, this process could lead to queues at the counter, causing customer frustration and reducing their opportunity to browse in the store as they waited.

As the warehouse only became aware of the customer’s order when they reached the counter, they had to locate each individual order whilst the customer waited, thus prolonging the service process and exacerbating the queuing issue. Furthermore, customers purchasing high-value electrical products (such as TVs) would often take their device and leave the store without having the opportunity to speak with store colleagues about additional products they might need to support their device.

Click and Collect


To innovate their in-store order and collect experience, our client began working with Qudini’s Queue Management system. They selected Qudini due to our knowledge of the click and collect industry and as the only Queue Management system with a unique interface tailored specifically to supporting this in-store process.


The order and collect customer journey with the Qudini Queue Management system:

• A customer visiting the store to collect their online order joins a digital queue from a tablet kiosk.

• The kiosk confirms the customer’s wait time and queue position.

• The kiosk asks the customer if they would like to speak to a sales advisor about additional products to support their new purchases.

• If the customer entered their mobile number, they receive an SMS message with a weblink to watch their place. An SMS updates them when their order is ready to collect.

• The customer can relax in the waiting area or peruse the store. 

• If the customer opted to speak to an advisor, the advisor will find them in the waiting area.

• The customer is called forward on a TV screen behind the counter when their order is ready to collect at the counter.

• The warehouse team uses a single tablet device to check the list of waiting customers and can collect multiple customers’ orders at the same time.


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    Increased upsell sales

    As customers can request to speak to a sales advisor about their new purchase, the electronics retailer can upsell new products to the customer.

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    Improved productivity

    Staff are now able to serve multiple customers at once, reducing the trips made to and from the stock room and allowing them to serve more customers in less time. Now that they receive alerts on their phones, this frees them in quiet periods to undertake other tasks without needing to monitor the click and collect area.

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    Enhanced customer experience drives loyalty

    Customers are served faster without having to wait in a queue. This improved experience encourages more customers to use the electronics retailer’s online store and provide positive feedback to friends and family. 

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    Increased unplanned purchasing

    Customers are freed from queuing and 62% will browse the store and make unplanned purchases whilst they wait.

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    Better resource allocation

    Staff are more efficient and head office are able to use Qudini data analytics to better understand footfall patterns, enabling them to better plan resources at appropriate times of the day.

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    Improved competitive advantage

    Wait time is the top cause of complaints within retail. By eliminating queuing, the electronics retailer creates a competitive edge over other brands.

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    Physical space saved within the ‘store of the future’

    Previously, the order and collect desk was needed as a central point for customers to queue and provide their order details. However, with Qudini’s queue system, customers only need a small kiosk to enter their details. This opens up prime floor space for displaying stock and creates a more attractive ‘store of the future’.

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