A leading telco retailer, with over 2,000 stores and 42,000 employees, utilized Qudini’s Retail Choreography solutions to increase sales and productivity across its portfolio of stores. The retailer offers electronics support and repair services, from smashed iPhone screens to laptop set-up and repairs.

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The challenge

Our client offers in-store electronics support and repair services, allowing customers with device problems to bring their devices into our client’s store for a colleague to triage their issue. Depending on the diagnosis, the store colleague will either book in the device for repair with the in-store repair team or send it out to the company’s central repair hub.

Previously, customers were not able to pre-book their 15-minute triage service and so would have to walk-in to request to speak to the next available advisor. In peak periods this led to long waits in which customers had to sit in a waiting area. In addition, customers only wanting to ask quick support questions had to wait behind customers with lengthier service needs, with no idea how long the service would take. This was not an optimal customer experience and many customers would abandon their service request.

For the customers who did wait and had their device booked in for a repair, the store team had no way of communicating with customers about the status of their repair, meaning they would give the customer a broad time slot for collection (such as four hours or three days), when often the device was ready much sooner.

The electronics service retailer deployed the Qudini software into their repair services department. They selected Qudini due to our diverse experience within the retail sector alongside the ease of deploying our scalable out-of-box software, alongside our flexibility and energy as a supplier.

The Qudini software has enabled the repair services department to:

Improve service accessibility with the Qudini Appointment Scheduling software

Customers are now able to visit the company’s website to book an appointment, receiving confirmation (a reminder email and SMS message) in advance. This greater service accessibility has enhanced customer experience and driven more footfall to the store.

  • Transform the walk-in customer experience with Qudini Queue Management system

    Customers walking in to stores without an appointment are able to join a digital queue from a kiosk by the repair counter. Once added, they can view their place on a TV screen and receive SMS updates about their turn, enabling them to use their wait to browse and shop.

    Improve repair workflow and communicate with customers during their repair with the Qudini Queue Management system

    When a customer’s device is booked in for an in-store repair, they are added to a digital queue managed by the repair team. During the repair, Qudini will automatically update the customer by SMS as their device progresses and notify them when it is ready to collect. Customers can therefore collect their device as soon as it’s ready, while also reducing the storage space needed in store.

  • Improve their shop floor operations with the Qudini Shop Floor Management Features

    Using the Qudini Shop Floor Management features, stores are able to manage their customers, store associates and shop floor activities using Qudini from the central shop floor manager’s tablet, as well as their individual desktops. In addition, store associates taking breaks can speak to the shop floor manager who can record their break and manage when they are due to return.


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  • Increased footfall within store

    The ability to book appointments online drives more customers into the retailers store (40% of customers visiting the repair service will book an appointment). This has increased the number of unplanned purchases (35% will make an unplanned purchase) and enabled the brand to build a larger, loyal customer base.

    Increased retention

    Enabling customers to book an appointment from a tablet in-store, allows the brand to retain customers who don’t want to wait. 10% of all appointments booked are made from a kiosk in-store.

  • Increased repairs sales

    The Qudini customer experience not only makes the service more accessible to customers online, but also makes them happier to wait longer periods in-store (walk-outs have reduced by 28%). This ensures that the repair bar triage and sell the repairs service to more customers. The increased repair sales drives a 1790% ROI on the cost of using Qudini.

    Increased unplanned purchasing

    Qudini frees the customers to browse within the store whilst they wait, this leads many of them to make purchases they may not have otherwise had time to make.

  • Marketing activities converted into footfall

    For the first time, the brand can seamlessly convert customers engaging with their marketing materials to footfall by placing a booking weblink within their campaign material.

    Improved Millennial proposition

    Younger Millennial and Gen Z demographics are less patient than older groups and 250% more likely to complain about poor store experience. Providing a more premium digital service experience helps the brand build a strong millennial and GenZ customer base.

  • Improved loyalty and word of mouth

    The improved customer experience before and during their repair has encouraged more customers to return to their store more frequently, as well as tell their friends. This has driven future revenues for the business beyond the customer’s initial visit.

    Store productivity boosted

    Qudini reduces pressure on the repair team, saves more of their time (previously spent managing customers and dealing with complaints) and ensures there are more customers for them to serve. This boosts both staff productivity and morale.

  • Improved workflow and shop floor management

    Qudini enables the repair team to better manage their time between required repairs and their other activities and breaks. This has improved their workflow and speed of completing repairs.

    Better resource allocation

    Qudini enables the electronics retailer to better understand footfall patterns and store operations, helping resource planning and ensuring the business is able to allocate the right people to the right place at the right times.

  • Marketing insights

    Qudini provides the electronics retailer with rich insight into their customer needs, demographics and behaviours, enabling them to optimise their service and marketing initiatives as a business.

    Improved competitive advantage

    Electronics repair services is a growing market. The Qudini software enables this brand to stand out on the high street and to make itself more accessible to consumers than other suppliers.


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