Case Study:

Enabling the Diner Restaurants to seat 3,600 additional customers every month with the Qudini Waitlist App and Reservation System

Client Profile

The Diner is a small chain of modern American diners can be found in key London locations.


The Diner used Pen and Paper to manage their reservations and walk-up customers. This prohibited them from communicating with guest whilst they waited. Over 50% of their reservations would not let them know they wished to cancel in advance, this mean that they held tables open for around 1.5 hours a night for no-show customers. Walk-up customers were encouraged to wait for their table at the bar or by the door (when the bar became full), the crowding created a poor customer experience and decreased staff efficiency.

Clipboard challenge


The Diner now add allow their reservation customers to the Qudini Waitlist app. Their customers will receive a confirmation SMS and Diner branded email. 3 hours before their booking the customer will receive a further reminder SMS & email, which they can even reply to if they need to cancel or reschedule. This allows the host to change the table management plans around the live updates from their reservation customers.

At the door each evening, the host uses Qudini to take the details of walk-in customers, before allowing them wait at the restaurants bar or a local bar. They also use the Qudini Reservation System, which allows the host to manage the walk-ins alongside the upcoming reservations, and to text them when a table becomes available.


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    additional customers seated every night! Now that Qudini enables the Diner to retain more customers and eliminate no shows.

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    in additional annual revenue generated per month, due to the increased volumes of customers served per night. Not bad for for a small monthly fee of £99.

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    reduction in no shows now that 90% of reservation and walk-in customers will simply text back through Qudini if they need to cancel

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    Eliminated table open time

    Due to the reservation SMS reminders customers will arrive more on time

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    Improved staff efficiency and service

    because staff no longer become distracted and pressured by hungry walk-in customers waiting for their table in the restaurant.

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    Increased acquisition & retention

    the less crowded restaurants attracts more walk-in customers and the transparent waiting experience means customers are happier to wait for a table.

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