Case Study:

Enabling Designer Outlets to:

Increase sales across the outlet, 90% of customers said that the opportunity to avoid queuing increased their likelihood of purchasing from the store.

Improve customer experience and loyalty, 100% of survey respondents rated the VIP queue experience as “Excellent” 5 out 5.

Capture and analyse customer feedback.


  • “Beautiful service! And I'll use it again because I do not like going to a store that's too crowded with people.”
    Customer | Designer Outlet store

Client Profile

With 24 locations in nine countries, our client is Europe’s leader in designer outlet shopping, enabling consumers to shop across luxury fashion retail outlet stores with discounts of up to 70%.


With such incredible fashion discounts on offer across the designer outlets, stores can become extremely busy with customers sometimes having to queue outside the door until allowed in by a security guard. This damages customer experience and leads to customers giving up on their shopping mission as they become bored and tired.


The designer outlet retailer deployed the Qudini Queue Management system across their properties, having chosen Qudini due to the company’s flexible out-of-box software and experience with handling a wide-range of different customer journeys and queueing challenges. The Qudini software allows them to create an improved customer experience that increases sales across their outlets and within the individual store.


The queuing customer experience Qudini Queue Management:
• Customers wanting to enter one of their luxury stores are added to a digital queue by a security guard.
• The customer receives a text to confirm their queue position and estimated wait time.
• The customer is now free to use their wait productively to visit other stores and eateries.
• The host updates Qudini when there is new space available in store.
• The customers at the top of the queue receive an update to return to store.
• The security guard logs the customer in Qudini as they enter the store.
• Two hours after their visit, the customer is sent a follow up SMS with a link to a feedback survey about their store experience.


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    Increased sales across the outlet

    90% of customers said that the opportunity to avoid queuing increased their likelihood of purchasing from the store. The Qudini queue system enables the designer outlet retailer to free customers from a physical queue, allowing them to shop across other stores or visit the local restaurants and cafes, generating increased sales across the outlet.

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    Improved customer loyalty and advocacy

    100% of survey respondents rated the VIP queue experience as “Excellent” 5 out 5 and said that they would use the service again. The improved waiting experience makes the amazing discounts on offer across the outlet more accessible and encourages customers to return more frequently and relay positive feedback to their friends.

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    First time feedback capture

    For the first time, the designer outlet retailer has an opportunity to capture customer data and request feedback. This feedback helps to continually improve customer experience, sales and operations.

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    Increased sales for the individual store

    By enabling customers to join a digital queue and return when the store has more capacity, the designer outlet stores using Qudini are able to reduce walk-outs and spread footfall throughout the day, ensuring that more customers enter and purchase within their stores.

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    Improved store productivity

    Qudini reduces crowding inside and outside of the store, making it easier for the staff to operate efficiently, undertake tasks and replenish stock to further improve sales.

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    Data insights that improve resourcing and marketing

    Qudini provides the designer outlet retailer with unique data insights on footfall trends and customer needs, enabling the business to understand how to best allocate resources and improve their marketing initiatives.

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