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Christopher Robin Day Nurseries enables digital drop off and pickup service for parents

Early childhood provider, Christopher Robin Day Nurseries, which operates five nurseries in the UK, has rolled out a contactless drop off and pickup service during Covid-19 using Qudini’s queue management software.

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The challenge

During the lockdown period, the team at Christopher Robin Day Nurseries were busy planning how they could successfully reopen their schools while adhering to social distancing measures. The team was especially concerned about the drop off and pickup process at its schools, which is often a very personal, high-contact process, where parents are able to interact with teachers and other parents.

The solution

When its schools reopened on June 8, the education provider starting using Qudini’s queuing app to create a digital drop off and pickup process for parents, supporting social distancing measures by reducing the amount of time parents spend at its locations and creating a streamlined drop off and pickup process.

Instead of asking parents and children to wait in queues outside the nurseries, they are now able to wait from the comfort and safety of their own cars. Teachers, who are very familiar with students and their parents/caregivers, oversee the process while abiding by social distancing measures.

  • How the drop off and pickup journey work:

    • Parents arrive outside nursery with children.
    • Parents check-in through their phones and receive a queue position and an estimated wait time.
    • Staff are alerted when parents arrive and can manage the process fairly.

    • Parents receive real-time notifications alerting them when to take children into the nursery.
    • Staff check children into the nursery.
    • The same process applies when parents arrive to pickup their children at the end of the day.


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  • Reduced risk to parents and children

    Parents and children can stay in the comfort and safety of their cars while they wait for the teachers.

    We’ve definitely seen an increase in customers purchasing products. Because the level of customer services are much improved, we are able to serve those patients in a better timescale, which makes not only the patients come back to us, but recommend us to friends and family.
    – Jacob Burns, Store Assistant Manager, Specsavers Plymouth

    More efficient waiting experience

    Parents are kept updated of their wait time and position number throughout the customer journey.

    I am certain that Qudini helps improve customer loyalty. It helps us to identify why someone has come into our practice and allows us to offer them the best possible journey at the right place at the right time.
    – Josie Forte, Director, Specsavers Plymouth

  • Less stress

    Parents feel less stressed waiting to drop off their children and teachers managing the process have full control.

    Qudini has enabled us to have much more pleasant customer experience in the store and we can definitely see that we’ve had a percentage growth in terms of revenue. People are able to come in and complete their sight-tests a bit quicker, which means that they are more likely to stay with us and buy glasses.
    – Josie Forte, Director, Specsavers Plymouth

    More productive team

    Staff can access Qudini from all devices and receive real-time notifications, meaning they can have full visibility over the drop off and pickup process.

    Qudini helps me in knowing with confidence where my patients are and that leaves me having less stress within my working day and that has made me perform better.
    – Val Collard, Lead Optometrist, Specsavers Plymouth

  • More competitive offering

    This helps Christopher Robin Day Nurseries to stand out in the education space and differentiate themselves from the competition.

    As a management team it’s a fantastic tool and we’re now able to see how long certain processes take within the store. That’s allowed us to coordinate how many members of the team we have for various different parts of the journey. That, in turn, has improved their customer service levels, reduced waiting times and added to the general ambience of being organised.
    – Josie Forte, Director, Specsavers Plymouth


    Improved advocacy

    The improved customer experience coupled with the simplicity and ease of drop off and pickup shows Christopher Robin Day Nurseries is committed to the safety of its students and their families.


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