Burrell Street NHS Virtual Queuing System Case Study

Case Study


Enabling the NHS sexual health clinic, Burrell Street, to improve its patient experience, reduce appointment times and save money thanks to greater productivity of staff.

reduction in wait time complaints
reduction in appointment times
ROI gain on the cost of using Qudini

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The challenge

Burrell Street Sexual Health Clinic is the largest and most comprehensive NHS sexual health service in London. It is part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

With NHS budgets at an all time low, clinics do not have the finances to employ the doctors and nurses needed to accommodate their high patient volumes, leading to waits for NHS sexual health services of up to three hours. This created an overcrowded waiting room and piled more anxiety onto already-stressed patients.

Burrell Street began working with Qudini to improve patient experience.

The patient journey

• Patients entering the clinic are added to the Qudini Queue Management system by the reception staff.
• Staff provide each customer with an accurate wait time estimate and take their mobile number.
• Patients receive an SMS update confirming their approximate appointment time and a weblink with a live countdown to their appointment time.
• Patients can leave the waiting room environment and use their wait productively.
• All patients are now managed through Qudini by the clinic staff, with further SMS messages and digital signage platforms updating customers as it nears their turn.

The clinic management

Using the Qudini Floor Management features, the clinic team are able to manage their patients, staff, breaks and activities, whilst further improving efficiency through cross-clinic visibility and communications.


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  • Enhanced patient experience

    Wait time complaints have reduced by 100% and NPS scores have increased by 60%. Patients are happier now that they have accurate wait time information and can even leave the clinic and receive SMS updates whilst they wait.

    Better resource allocation

    For the first time, Burrell Street can analyse their footfall patterns and patient needs in order to better plan and manage resources.

  • Improved staff retention

    The improved clinic experience helps Burrell Street improve doctor and receptionist satisfaction. As such, more staff remain at the clinic, reducing time spent on recruitment and training.

    More than 800% ROI

    Burrell Street makes more than an 800% ROI on their monthly investment in the Qudini software through reduced appointment times alone.


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